Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Raind drops on roses, Goose bumps on mermaids, what??????????

This is one of my fave posters of mermaids.

Mental block, yeah that's what it is. No maybe it's just that trying to immerse myself in visions of Merfolk isn't cutting it while I, in my warped mind, just see goose flesh on them from the cold. We ain't exactly in the tropics ya'll. I have a project started which is of the mermaid variety but can't seem to find the direction to take it. So for today and tomorrow, I am shifting gears and I'm going to work on Valentine give aways for the kids classrooms. And I suppose that will work out.

Don't you just love these ad  mermaids?

We are supposed to get between 3" to 6" of snow this afternoon. I don't imagine there will be school tomorrow. When we get more than 5 snowflakes fall from the sky, the school system says, nah, not worth it. So the grands will be home tomorrow.....can you say craft a thon? This weekend I'll be cleaning up glitter, glue, paper, yarn....maybe off of EVERYTHING.

I hope all of you that are out there in the line of this purported to be "awful storm" will stay safe, warm and are prepared for it.


  1. We are getting more snow this weekend - YAY! I am excited. Soups, hot chocolate, wet clothes all over the kind of Saturday. :D

    I love snow.

    Hope you all have a good time tomorrow [and our schools do the same thing, believe me - they actually cancelled school one day because they SAID it was going to start snowing at noon. Swear!]

    Word vert - prece - "Dat be a lil' prece fo' mees to buy" [My dog Scooby speaking]

  2. My goodness, will the snow never end? We're expecting some on Friday, but not as much as you are getting.

  3. Still no snow here in the Pacific NW, except in the mountains where I like it just fine. Stay warn ya'll.

  4. No snow here (except on my blog screen), but we do expect freezing temps and hail. Whoopee. I'll still have to show up at work.

    Happy craftathon.

    Or, haffy craptathon.

    [I don't know . . .]

  5. We are going to get bad storms and possibly sleet and ice and snow. I do not like this, but it is good for the land. Abq always seemed too cold to me...just a tropics kind of gal...

  6. My honey is up there right now at a seminar. He's staying at some hotel/casino just as you approach Albuquerque going west...said it's nice, real nice. Just rain here and perhaps some snow tomorrow..bleh, you know me and snow...looks great on our mountains and post cards, but not on my front lawn!!!

    Love mermaids too! Didn't you play mermaid in the bathtub with you were little, I did and used to make a mother told me one night no more playing fish people...I learned to mop up afterward...needed my mer fix!! LOL

    Have fun and hope you enjoy your snow I remember those days when my kids were little...glad they're the good ol' days now!! LOL

    Love ya, B&G,


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