Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snakes? oh no not snakes.............

At breakfast yesterday, we had a discussion about a dream Ms. G had the night before. The dream had a snake in it.

As I can never pass up an Opportunity (remember that is my word for 2010) to share a story from long, long ago and far far away, I told on my sister. Ha like that was the first time I ever did that.

When my Sis's boys were 6 & 7, I used to help her on Tuesday afternoon with cub scouts. She had 6 screaming, dirty, smelly, wiggly, typical little rascals to deal with. I was in college at the time majoring in Elementary Ed. and needed all the interaction I could muster with the species so I volunteered to help out.

Besides, my Sis almost fainted at the sight of blood, so when one of the boys cut himself on something in the yard and was bleeding profusely, they (the boys) all had to take care of her and him. So that's when I was recruited. Sideline info: she later went back to school and got a BS in Nursing, loved working in the ER. HUH????? (pssst, I never actually saw her in the ER so I'm just saying.......)

On one particularly gorgeous March afternoon, the boys were "out taking their run around until you're semi worn out so we can deal with you" moments which naturally came before "the let's feed you and get you out of here" moments. Sis had her friend Carole come to do arts and crafts bird house building with the boys and she was outside cleaning up. We heard this blood curdling scream eminating from the back yard. I looked up to see, 6 little monsters boys chasing Carole around the back porch. Each of said beasts had a tiny baby garter snake squirming around in their clutches. They had found the newly hatched snakelets near the ditch bank behind the house and aimed to use them to do some real prankish damage to a perfectly wonderful, scared to death of snakes, women.

Here came Carole, followed by the very faced paced parade of screaming, giggling and squirming boys with my nephew Randy in the rear of said parade with this terrified look on his face, arm extended, tears streaming down his face and screaming louder than Carole. He was the youngest and the other boys had talked him into doing something he was almost peeing his pants doing. My Sis was hysterical, I was LMAO and the parade went back out the door. I swear it was like on of those Keystone Cops flix.

I am not afraid of snakes so I was voted the one who took 5 live baby garter snakes from the boys. The one Randy had was beyond dead. Squashed from fear is what I wrote on his death certificate. As I took the snakelets back to the ditch bank, there was crying and wailing still coming from the house. Giggling, I put the snaklets down and turned to go back to the house saying to them, see guys, it wasn't a good day to die, when out of nowhere this beep beep roadrunner hauls ass past me and grabbed the little guys and runs off to feed his family.

Wow, you just never know. You can be lying on the sand thinking shit, that was one close call and the next you're bird food.


  1. Hahahaha, I can so relate to that story. Like you, I too am a desert rat and not afraid of many of the critters that live around here...well, rattle will get my attention, though!! LOL

    Many years ago, I ran over a grackle, at the time they were still country birds at the time and rarely seen in the city. I felt awful about it, so I went back to see what I could do. Just as I was parking the car on the street, some pinchi cat swooped the poor grackle in it's mouth and ran off. Later on, many years later, our vet told us these birds are so wild, just my touching it would kill it, so the poor bird dies of natural causes, my car hood, and and became again part of the earth after eaten by the hungry cat... what a way to return to the earth!!! LOL

    Love ya, b&g,

  2. What a great snake story, Linda!! They are almost cute when they are small, aren't they? (The snakes, Linda, the snakes).
    You are absolutely correct - forgive me for not mentioning the fairies and the tree spirits. I imagine they are hibernating now because of the COLD, but one never knows for sure.
    AND, Linda, see how you are ~ I was fine reading your comment until I reached the very end about the "shrieking bante" and then I had to LOL!!!
    ♥ audrey

    porsa ~ "Look, little guy, either p or sa you don't have to!"

  3. LMAO - I am afraid of snakes even small very tame, lovely one of the non-poisenous variety. I can just see the parade your cast of characters made from the vivid picture you painted.

    bereak, word to describe running around in a (Ber)serk fashion while screaming (EAK) eek.

  4. lol. Great story as always. Funny you should post about snakes because my husband dreamt of snakes the other day. They were chasing him. hehehe. I am totally afraid of them. Take care.

  5. Where we lived near Canada had a giant den for garters. We had several thousand on our property, in kind of a hole under a big tree stump. I liked to catch them, but you have to be really careful or they will "musk" you!!! Guess it just tastes like sauce to a roadrunner!!!

  6. Snakes don't bother me in the least - but Pooldad sure doesn't like them. Then again, back in the day, he ran into quite a few of the poisonous kind when he was on the road cleaning pools. Thank goodness he is a management office drone now :)

    The kids have tried to wig me out baby garters or brown snakes before and I just squeal and say "Give it to me!" They are so disappointed.


  7. We've never had poisonous snakes where I live and so I've never learned to be afraid, but really, they are not cute! I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you for choosing the large print!

  8. Oh no I couldn't handle that, I hate snakes. When we lived in New York my cat "Rambo" caught a little snake and bought it to me as a pressie, dropping it at my feet. OMG I nearly had a heart attack.


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