Thursday, January 21, 2010

Snow, again, really?

The grands were both really excited this morning because they were told by the weather man that it is going to snow. Yeah, Okay.....liar, liar pants on fire.

These kids were gone for only two years from the snow. They lived in South Carolina where ice storms were as close as they came. The first year they were gone, GK's teacher told the kids to sleep with pennies under their pillows and maybe, just maybe they'd get snow. I had never heard of that one. Well, last night GK put pennies under her pillow here. Too funny.

In ABQ, we get snow, it doesn't stick around very long but we get it. Not like up in the mountains around us. They are gorgeous today with all the white stuff. But on the way to school there were some fluffy flakes, for about 2 seconds. Oh well, better luck, next storm GK.



  1. you might see snow before we do. today it is sunny and 40...ugh!!!

  2. No snow here, but plenty of rain. It's a little cold as well. Oh well.

  3. Pennies under the pillow? Amatuers.

    The kids need to wear their pajamas inside out and toss ice cubes in the toilets. Believe me it works ;) winky!

    We are getting an ice storm tonight so the kidlets will be home tomorrow - I am so excited.

    I don't like my vert word. You get nothin' :D


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