Monday, January 4, 2010

The sorrow in her eyes.................

If there are any of you reading this that are under ten years old, please stop now.

She came around the corner from her Mother's room with huge glistening droplets of sorrow pouring from her root beer colored eyes. And within her face there was the slightest change of age and knowledge. I knew before she even spoke a word that it was the saddest day for both of us. And instead of taking the flight pattern to OMG, I embraced her and the moment, as one that we would share and cherish forever. Just the two of us facing what was to be her future.

My prize had found Santa Claus present paper in her Mom's closet and put all the things she had heard together and was faced with the truth (or so she believed) that the people she loves more than others in the world had lied to her.

I saw her pain and was crushed. How cruel life is but on the other hand what a wonderful blessing I had been given. The OPPORTUNITY to reassure my GK with the truth of love and magick and belief and a truth held by many people. The thing that makes folks nutz at this time of year, the wanting to believe in magick. So much so, that they have continued this tale of the red coated shaman going up the mountain to bring gifts of the gods to the people, or down the chimney to bring gifts to children and on and on and on.

My truth is that I still believe in the spirit of love and giving and hope and magick. I still hear jingle bells and experience that magick of giving with the return of winter. I gave my truth to my "hurt by the world" grandchild and soul mate and will let her use it to shield herself from betrayal and commercialism and someday, when she has all the information she needs to make a decision on her own, I know that our talk today will be apart of her heart.

I know for some of you this is hard to understand. I believe in Santa Claus the spirit of all that is good. The thing that humanity tries desperately to capture every Christmas season, only it has been changed through the gimme and hafta of the world. I told GK that she would have a different love for Christmas next year as she helped to be a part of the Santa experience for her little brother and do you know what she did??????????

My hero, my heart, my love, took what I told her and smiled.

Not an okay so big deal, sure that's what you say now, smile. But an understanding, warm, love inspired smile of acceptance of the good that life gives each of us. She is a gem, a shining star and I couldn't be more proud of her (but I bet I will be).


  1. Better Grandma then some mean ol' kid in second grade [when they are even younger] ruining the illusion, eh?

    Our four eldest were wonderful in helping Wallene believe nice.

  2. linda that is the sweetest story... and I have to say that your GK is lucky to have such a great grandma..You handled it as any wonderful loving grandma would... including her, consoling her, loving her.. she is truly blessed to have you....

  3. What a sweet post, thanks for sharing.

  4. Linda.... another wonderful story. I should know by now to expect nothing less. I think it is wonderful that you still believe in the magic ~ I do too. We HAVE to!! And bless your dear little angel.... she will be a believer too!!
    ♥ audrey

  5. It's always horrid when you suddenly realize that there's no you know who! Each one of likely remembers when we learned 'the truth'!

  6. Oh Linda, I dread the day my precious grandson finds out. I agree with SkippyMom. Thank goodness your GK has you!
    smiles, alice

  7. My dear lady, does the "fun" ever stop at your house? lol...gracious, it's like living in a butter churn...SOMETHIN' always going on over there!!! My olde heart would give out!!!

  8. Oooo Linda, I just know you took her in your arms and shared with her the spirit of santa claus that you believe in. I can see it like i was there. It's always so crushing when they realize things are exactly the way they were told.
    Bless your heart....she is very lucky you were there when she discovered the truth.

  9. Thanks for leading me to this post, Linda. Now I know how to deal with it, when time comes to my little witch.

    Love from us.


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