Tuesday, January 5, 2010

today's opportunity.....

I played Carpe Diem today. I took advantage of the fact that I am a grown adult woman, over the age of consent, with a bit of sense, drivers license and can amble with the best of them. I insisted that I have the car (my car) today and that Sweet Man should take his big pee pee, hard to climb into big ass vehicle and take the Queen of Happiness to work. Ry got on the school bus, I took GK to school and acted like I knew what the hell I was doing.

Ya know I should have taken this first outing, just ever so much slower. I went to all the finest places. Got my haircut. Went to Walmart, god I hate Walmart, to pick up some items of the necessary variety and stood in the aisle like a fainting goat with a Rottweiller snarling at me. I completely forgot what I had come for. I fished around in my purse, found my cell phone, which I never use cuz if your out in the world, who the hell wants to answer a phone and be interrupted and if you're at home, you can answer the house phone. I turned said phone on and called SM and asked him if he was paying attention this morning when I was bemoaning my hafta trip to Wally World, knowing in my heart of hearts that this would be the second time in 30 something years that he would have made that particular mistake.

Well, I'm here to tell you he was just about as much help as I thought he might be with an answer of "I can't remember". Alrighty then, I'll just stand here and watch all the other old farts cruising the aisle without their lists and they got no help from Sweet Man either.

Then it occurred to me, I didn't have to be back home for hours and could walk up and down the aisle until good sense or a really big case of oh who the hell cares happened. So I did. Found plastic boxes for storage of something of some significance for someone somewhere. No, that wasn't on my list. Found all the after Christmas crappee that was so ugly no one wanted at full retail and now they were trying to convince the consumer that it is still unatractive, but for 20 cents, how could you go wrong? No, don't need that either. I didn't even get the good stuff out at home. Found toys, yeah like we ever need another one of those, when we can't find room for the ones we have now. So I guess I'll pass on those Sponge Bob swim flippers and Barbie underwear for GK and Ry, in that order.

So basically, I picked up the one thing I remembered on my list and was just getting into the car with my huge stash of not much, when the phone rang. See, that's why I don't turn it on while I am out!!!!!!!!!!! It was the Queen of Happiness and she wasn't feeling good and needed a ride home. Oh shit.

Well so much for an escape day filled with adventure, intrigue, danger and a shopping list.

Took said lovely daughter to lunch, had a great talk, shared some laughs at the expense of and in front of others. Had a good afternoon with someone I forgotten was a very good friend now that she is grown. She's feeling better, me too.

Still can't remember what was on my list. No only that, I don't remember where I put the list. Not only that....I can seize another day and I don't think we will perish without whatever is missing from the shopping trip du jour. 

Sometimes OPPORTUNITY shows up even if you think it's a mistake or inconvenient.  


  1. Two things I refuse to do - shop at Wal Mart [their business practices are corrupt] and own a cellphone. Gee...how did we ever get a long without one? And I am not a doctor waiting on a heart to transplant...so, nope!

    vert word is linsallu - Jim Bob and Savannah Fayes daughter: Linn Sal Lu

  2. One of the stores I stock is a Walmart...I am so anxious to get OUT of there that after the merchandizing duties are finished at lightning speed, I almost RUN out of the store...yes, I do shop there, but I have to be READY or I can't do it...ready, well-rested, and armed...

    Had to laugh about your observation that the leftover Xmas stuff is so ugly but at 20 cents you can't go wrong...lol...I'm not quoting it right, it was a hilarious observation...

  3. Linda...
    What do you mean...you do the shopping???

    I only ever shop from the warmth of the hovel...
    The Giant Troll does food-and-other-bits-of-stuff-shopping...my my...you haven't trained your Troll properly my girl...never mind...it's never too late!

    Mind you...we live in the sticks, so there aren't many places to shop here anyway.

    Glad you and your gal had a good time...see...you can just seize the day and it won't get all squished up!

  4. ~you are a riot! made me laugh...thank you and thank you for visiting my blog this morning..i very much look forward to seizing more of your days and stories...opportunity is always there...bringing out the best and am happy you had a lovely day in the end...brightest blessings~

  5. I too hate Walmart, it's kind of like going to the dentist or gynecologist, it's a necessary evil!!! My mother suggested it too the other day and of course, she was right when it saves us $$, but it was the first of the month making it a horrible place to be...everyone out there are pissing off their paychecks. Obviously, some school districts were not back in school, therefore there were wandering children invading my little, sparse space...."Don't enter the bubble," I shouted (ok, not really)! So I recommended to my mother never go to Wally World on the first of any month...she concurred.

    As for daughters, oh yes, I finally spoke with mine and did a little experiment, I waited to see if there were any breaks in her conversations, of course I wasn't surprised that there weren't...kid never come up for air!! Anyway, I'm feeling the love again, but I'll never forget my last visit...NEVER!!!

    Today is another day with Miss Daisy...don't know what wonderful plans and adventures she has waiting for us, but I did ask her not to include $$!

    xxoo & b&g,


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