Sunday, January 10, 2010

A tree for every occasion

I put up a tree for almost every holiday. Some of you already know that, others are new to my wonderful wacky world and so thus the explanation. I have been accused by some of not having any good sense. Ah, but that is not the case. I will give you that I don't have a lot but what I got is good.

BBGC, back before grand children, I had plenty of room to decorate as I saw fit. I would have a display in the den, the kitchen, the dining/living room, the hall desk and the guest bedroom and bath. Needless to say, that means I have "tons" of decorations for all occasions. Since so many of my treasures were bought after my child was grown, they are breakable and in some cases costly. I guess I thought when my grandchildren came to visit that they would be so lovingly guided by their Mom not to touch Oma's lovelies, that  would never have to worry about it.

Who did I think I was and what planet did I visit for the extra heavy duty sedation???????????????

This particular rendition of Linda's insanity is called my snowman collection. This is only a smattering of said snowy beasts. I really can't put out the whole collection because since the kids are here, the spaces where I used to display have been repurposed into pratical applications. sobbing a little

So here are the abbreviated snow guys. In years past, we barely got any snow and I had snow envy. That is why I started putting this collection together. Plus I used to be so bummed by taking down the decos from Christmas. That was before I got some good sense.

psssssst Good sense isn't that hard to find if you are asshole to belly button in everything you hold dear shoved into a one room situation, plus the damnable Christmas tree.

So my lovelies, especially those who are digging your collective booties out of inches, feet and when will this ever end snow, I am not trying to be insulting, I just love snow people.

Happy Sunday morning.