Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Two bit of info on this here bloggie

First and foremost. You all know or maybe not yet but soon will again, that the fae of all denominations are part of our lives here at Olde Baggs n Stuft Shirts. So when I read a post from a non-believer, well it is my obligation to tattle. So here goes, How about Orange, who is normally a wonderful and interesting woman with lots to share. And there she is stating in print that fairies are imaginary.....well that's it. I had to set her straight. The miniature fairy garden she found in a copy of Midwestern Life is absolutely so cute you could just swoon over it. I am very excited to start a little one for my household fairies, they have commented that the garden fairies get all the good stuff. Sometimes they are just like kids, ya know?

I did hear some rustling from behind the settee as I was telling SM that I had found yet another grown up who had outgrown their hearts and imaginations. We'll just see about that. Gonna have to send Jess one of our renditions of said wee folk and coax the youngster back into her thinking. What do you say bloggie buddies? Are you clapping your hands for the fae. Well shame on you if your not and I'm sure you'll be thrice blessed come spring if you are.

And secondly, I have seen a model T and I ain't going back to hitching a wagon again.

What the hell is it you say? I got a food processor for a present and I know the rest of you uptown folk have had one for years, but the lowland people here, have stuck to our old ways and used a paring knife and other dull instruments of destruction in the kitchen. It's absolutely shocking how quickly I sliced and diced and there was no blood on the potatoes. My family will probably enjoy the meals in spite of the fact it will have a different taste to it now that Oma is not included in the ingredients.


  1. ::clapping for the fae::

    We just received a cuisinart [free!brand new!] and the first thing made was by Wallene - mini brownie muffins - Woah! Awesome!

    But I kept warning her about how sharp the blades are "Be careful", "Be careful" and what do you know she sliced her finger open washing the blade.

    So be careful! They are SHARP!

    Econa is verification - sounds like mail order coffee. Get it? E Kona? ;)

  2. Can ya hear me clapping????? So glad you left Oma out of the taters!
    smiles, alice

  3. Fairies!! Oh of course they are real. I have had a fairy haven in my front yard for the past 16 years. My Mums ashes now reside there with them.

  4. Clapping loudly, what would life be without fairies.

    Food processors rock - the best cookies I ever made are done in a processor.

    verification einess - from the german one "eins"; meaning the top fairy if her einess.

  5. unfortnately it is anyones loss if they do not believe... my what they are missing out on, if they only knew they would think themselves so foolish... To have a friend who is fae is a true delight....

  6. I'll be naughty here: FAIRIES are pretend! ELVES are real!!!

    Every time you use the food processor, a knife-fairy's wings fall off...


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