Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Back to now

Okay so today I will be "kickin' it old school". The english language is so riddled with stranger than fiction wordings. Add to that, my odd, if not completely incomprehensible slaughtering of said wording and you end up with my blog and my life.

There are phrases that irritate, aggitate and aggrevate, no, that does not even cover the half of it, Sweet Man. Most of them are common phrases that folks just copy from one another until they just are an accepted part of everyday speech, everywhere, except at my house.

Let's rock n roll........could get you a look that would turn you to stone. Just another day in paradise my dear.......closer to a death eater scowl. Ain't no thang and Git ur dun, just frustrates the begeesus outta him. And as though, after lo these many years, I should forget that he hates certain phrases, he (Sweet Man) must accompany his displeasure with, "I just hate that". No really? Seriously? Honestly? When did that happen?....and upon saying that, yeah that pretty much makes it worse. He grumbles, we laugh and repeat as needed, just like shampooing.

Sunday we went to an import store and returned a guilt purchase I made. If I haven't told you, I can pick up guilt from the floor anywhere, anytime and wear it. You should see the length of my guilt necklace. I have no idea why it is. It just is. So when I saw the most wonderful east indian paisley print curtains, in my warm, jewel tone, autumnal colors, I snatched them up like they were maple donuts. (Yum) Then I got to thinking, a dangerous, if not deadly occurance, that I needed to take them back because I really didn't need them. Need, want, desire, necessity......sometimes it is all mixed up but guilt always sorts it out and back we went to the import store.

As we were leaving the store, I commented to SM that going down the hill we had just come up, was harder on my knee that going up. Like he hasn't heard that 2200 times in the past few years. He says, "well lay down and I will roll you down the hill". Ha ha. We laughed and then I asked him, "where to now laughing boy"? A couple was approaching us and she laughed aloud and said, "you two really are having too much fun". It always tickles me to make someone laugh. Mr. & Mrs. HeandShe were amused and just shook their heads. It's nice when SM and I take our act out on the road and even better when we have a receptive audience.

So there ya go. I hope for those of you who are keeping track you notice that this is a positive post. Full of happy, happy, joy, joy.

The Valentines are just for fun. Who wants pictures of us or curtains or hills or...well you get it.

Happy Groundhog's day. Blessed Imbolc. Hold on tight sport's fans Grandmother Winter is not through messing with us. She just wants us to be happy to see her granddaughter Spring when she makes her appearance in her flowery gown. So be nice to the old broad.....I'm just saying........


  1. My ILs and Pooldad and I get that a lot when we are out [as couples] we are always laughing.

    It is sad to watch everyone scurry around, head down missing the beauty and fun of the days.

    Love the valentines!

    vert word: idectyr - I dect yr quite a funny person ;D

  2. Very nice post, I love to see Older (I really didn't say that) couples enjoying each others company.

  3. Yeah, certain slaughtering of words I just can't abide. But you're right. If people say them enough, eventually Merriam Webster picks them up and makes them acceptable. Ah, the power of the people.


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