Friday, February 5, 2010

Beep Beep zooooooooom

Yesterday was day four of having Ry home ill. For those of you who don't know, Ry is my grand, 5, high functioning autism, clever as all get out and the bain of my existance. He is still under the assumption that I will eat him if he is naughty and so for the moment......hold your breath.....he behaves for me. He is polite, cute, bright, artistic and a kick in the pants.

He is very attuned to nature and loves to watch what is happening as far as the weather is concerned. It's a very good thing (and thank you Martha for your influence on me).

When he got up out of his sick bed, which means he really has been sick poor little critter, to have lunch, we sat in the breakfast room facing out to watch the bird feeders. Birds were really worked up. Chattering and fussing and running each other off the feeder. Ry says that means it's gonna be wet and cold, cause they are eating alot ahead of time. Yeah, he has been listening.

Then the birds just went nutz, like there was a critter after them. I'm thinking the walking dead cat from next door who sprays my back porch has just crossed the line with me and I race to the back door, as does "me too". We were greeted with a delightfully shocking sight a Common Roadrunner. Not that roadrunners are common in the middle of the city because they are not. It is very unusual for them to be away from an open field or hunting area. This lady roadrunner was just very nonchalant about her stroll through our yard. Got water from the fountain, meandered over to the suet block and had a bite and then jumped up onto the chain link and sat and enjoyed the 15 minutes of sun we had.

So Ry is squealing and getting all worked up. Yelling at me to get my camera to take a blogging picture. I said what? He said hurray the ladies on the blog are waiting for this roadrunner. I couldn't even see the dumb bird for the tears in my eyes. People this may seem like nothing to you but for him to associate one thing with another is major.

Last week he was able to connect that his dog isn't as small as a chihuahua and not as large as Willow, our Saint Bernard. I asked him, well then what size dog is Odin? Why Oma, he's a medium size dog. Fireworks folks. Absolute bliss.

So by the time I gained my composure again and tried to take the picture....well you know what Wylie Coyote faced, the roadrunner was gone. I told Ry, I was sorry that I didn't get a good picture. He said that's okay Oma, at least you gave it a big boy try. Okay tell me you're not impressed?
None of these pictures were taken by me and I am not sure where I gleened them. I just love the goofy roadrunner and felt very blessed yesterday to have one in the backyard and for that experience to have allowed Ry and me a moment in time that will be ours forever. Those are the greatest gifts given. So blogging ladies, here's your roadrunner. Blessings.


  1. i would love to see a roadrunner! the bread bakes at 350 for an hour or until a toothpick inserted in it comes out clean. i am a bad recipe giver!!!

  2. Linda that is wonderful, what a lovely moment for you. I would love to see a roadrunner in the flesh, or should I say feather - oh well we don't have them here in the NW, only on cartoons.

  3. Ry sounds like a very special boy... and I mean that in more ways then you may realize... He sounds to me like he has sight.... You do know that roadrunners are a sign of good luck.... we have one that frequent our place often.... I am always happy when he stops by as it means good things will come... Ry will more than likely be well soon... Give him a hug for me


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