Friday, February 5, 2010

Captured mermaid

You have got to know that this is kinda scarey for me. I haven't posted anything of my work on this blog for obvious lack of self confidence reasons. I used to do the artsy fartsy scene but haven't in a few years and have gotten out of the feeling of being okay about my "creations" being out there to see. But I am proud of this endeavor. No jinx, kings x.

I love fairies, merfolk and enjoy creating some snippets of what I think and feel they would be like. I would never capture a mermaid or fairy but this idea has been cooking for quite some time and needed to be delivered.

So here is the sweetheart that has kept me amused for a few days finally putting together, glass bubbles, photos, sequins, shells, "pearls", even the blue moon and of course the tiny fish bowl.


  1. I love it. It's really great. Would love to see more of your work. Takes a lot of talent and creativity.

  2. That is so cute, I love the look on the face. It would go great in my bathroom. I have a big glass dome filled with some of the shells I have collected over the years.

  3. How FABULOUS! Who knew? You must post more of your endeavors. Please?

    I love the moon overlooking it all. The colors are wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing and never be afraid to show your wares, 'kay

  4. Hi Linda. I just had to come and see your mermaids. How great. You really did a great job and there is no need for lack of self-confidence. You have it girl. I love the colors and the idea of a big glass dome just makes it more enjoyable. Very good job, well done. I gotta go back and look at it. Sorry I haven't been around but I have been awfully busy studying and haven't really been to too many blogs at all. I just had to come and see your mermaids and now I'm going to look at her again.

  5. I came back because I have to tell you that your mermaid is something that is sellable or is it saleable? Which ever it is a seller. Make more and post open your shop at etsy. Those will go fast. You go girl!!

  6. OMG, this captured mermaid looks like the real thing. She is lovely. I especially like that you have given her a home in a fish bowl. Thanks for swimming by my blog and asking me to see your mermaid. Sea Witch

  7. You should be proud, this is fantastic! Maybe we'll get lucky and you'll decide to share more of your work sometime. =)

  8. ~wonder what else is up your sleeve??? yes, please do share more of your cute and i LOVE the moon! brightest blessings~

  9. Lovey work Linda - did you actually make the mermaid or just decorate her? Either way she is lovely, she looks like fimo or some other type of clay but I couldn't tell from the picture for sure.

  10. Hi Linda! If i say it's super cute and very well done, than it's the truth,hahaha! Even a blue moon! love x x x Donna

  11. LOUVE it, Lovely Linda!!! Make some more of you mer peoples...they are swimmingly excelante!!!

    And c'mon girl, your work is just too fab...display it for all of us to see!!

    Love ya mucho, and love those B&G,
    The word is "ungingue." Hey meester, dis is between ungingue.

  12. Thanks to all ov you for your kind comments, I needed some encouragement and there you guys were. My cheerleading squad. Go team.
    Marlene: the mermaid is a photo on a tail I maid. It is a photo of a bisque pin cushion. She is really only 2 dimensional but does appear to be 3.


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