Saturday, February 20, 2010


Hello my lovelies.

Well my computer is fixed. Had a really great experience with the techies. They were so nice to me and fixed this little puppy in just a short time. I shall be much more attentive to what I do with my computer from now on. Learned a lot from listening, took copious notes. So that's all done.

I have been down with bronchitis and what I think was pneumonia. Everyone here is still suffering from cough, no sleep and general crankiness. When 5 folks are coughing, and never at the same time, it's hard to get solid sleep so there ya go. Still not a 100% but then that will come soon enough.

Not being able to do any computering has put a dent in the Mermaid environment projects. I have gotten so much work done in the room that shall not be named that I actually feel comfortable in there now. I have now completed 7 and will have pictures by Monday. I am still in process with the lollie mermaids....huh? says you....well I shall also share on Monday.

It's amazing what a little perspective can do for your outlook. Granted, I have not felt well but I have been focused. I have had the time to clear out the cobwebs from my brain. Reprioritize my thinking. I feel so good about taking this opportunity of time and actually did something with it instead of lamenting about how bad I felt or how I couldn't do something. I am, my own worst enemy. Ain't we all my lovelies.

Today is a very special day for me and for my only child Shelley. Today is her birthday. 39 years ago at this time I was scurrying down the hallway....yes you read correctly... to call my Mom (there were only pay phones, no phones in the rooms) to let her know that I had just had her 6th grandchild. I was married at the time to a young airman from Texas. I had Shelley in the Army hospital here at Sandia Base.

The night before I had started labor and left Star Trek in mid episode to go to the hospital, never even thinking that my Mom could not go in with me. After getting settle in the room, that's when I found out that I could only have my husband with me. Urgh....he was there for only as long as it took to check me in and then went out with buddies to drink. I was hysterical, which wasn't exactly how to bring a baby into the world. The Army nurse in charge was, let's say, not very sympathetic and it was a Friday night and so there ya go. I had Shelley in the hallway, alone, waiting for them to get me into a delivery room. The song You and Me Against the World by Helen Reddy was popular at that time and has always been "our" theme song.

After giving birth to her, they had lost my glasses and I am so near sighted. The babies were kept in the nursery all the time except when the Mom's were to feed them. I had to wait to see her until I could get her up close to my faceI wanted to breast feed but had not prepared myself and so when the rest of the Mom's were shoving a bottle in their babies mouths, I was failing miserably and was very discouraged but at least I could hold her and see her.

It's funny that one of the single most horrible experiences of my life turned out to be the one true, see I did it moments of my life.

Shelley's birthday was the my first day as an adult. She was and still is the most precious person in the world to me. Happy Birthday baby girl, you might be older, taller and have have babies of your own but you will forever be my baby girl. I love you Binky.


  1. Welcome back, my friend. Glad your computer is fixed, but so sorry to hear that you have been ill. I've missed you. Happy birthday to your baby girl. You've brought back memories of the births of my boys.

    You must be so careful with computers. I've learned the hard way. Not my home computer, but the work one. Caught an awful virus and had to redo the whole thing. At home I keep Norton and only go through the Norton search engine for it tells me which sites are safe. Can't afford a new computer at this time. It's such a shame there are others out there who get their kicks out of hurting complete strangers.

  2. Isn't it so true - no matter how big they get they are still are our babies. I'ts nice to have you back and it's nice to be back.

  3. Happy Birthday to your daughter - what a great tribute :0)

  4. Welcome back! It's very good to see you, you were missed. =)

    And happy birthday to your baby girl.

  5. Welcome back my dear, glad you puter is fixed. Happy Birthday to your daughter. Get well, hope you have been drinking lots of chicken broth.

  6. ~welcome back little lady! happy to see and hear your computer is up and running again...memory lane...

    "Shelley's birthday was the my first day as an adult."

    so true are those is one thing to carry and nuture your baby inside but the moment the make their way into this world...our lives forever change...perspectives change and responsibility comes up and reality hits us in the face...i felt very much the same...such a beautiful moment nothing could ever replace...happy birthday to your sweet one...brightest blessings~

  7. Dear Linda and Dear Shelley,
    congratulations on the birthday,
    and congratulations to the great love that you share as daughter and mother!
    Hope you´re all feeling a bit better by now and that you are able to celebrate this day with some good cakes and the rest of the traditional stuff;)
    Good you´re back in the air again Linda,
    there are many stories still waiting to be told!
    In Sweden we´re having a really tough winter,
    and all I do is longing for spring and thinking of
    my next trip to France.
    Yes, I will go for another workshop with Julia Arkell.
    I love her as an artist but also as a person, she is the most fairy tale like person that I know.
    A whole lot of loving
    your long lost love child

  8. Welcome back, Linda. Happy (a day late) Birthday to Shelley!! What a story! It is wonderful that the two of you are close!!
    Still your baby? Absolutely!! My son is 36 and he will always be my baby!!!! He is my only child and we are very close, too. I love him SO much.
    Sorry to hear that you have been sick, but happy that you are on the road to recovery. Glad for you that the computer is fixed. I DO NOT like being without my computer.
    Take care of yourself. Great to have you back, Linda!!
    ♥ audrey


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