Monday, February 8, 2010

Just an update on my existence

Thanks for the lovely compliments on the captured mermaid. I neglected to explain her to you and will briefly bore you with details. She does look like she is a bisque doll because she is a photo of a bisque doll. The bottom of the goldfish bowl is shells in resin along with real tiny star fish and my fav or the environment is the glass bubble. I am going to be listing this and 3 other mermaids this week on my Etsy shop and all that entails. I will post photos of the others before I put them in my shop.

I also am going to be back at selling on Ebay. I took a three month hiatus from the insanity but have to get back to selling. You know if you haven't sold on Ebay you don't have any idea what an "interesting" proposition it is. I didn't know I would have to have a shipping department, packaging center and photo booth. I mean I'm being my typical bitch and moan artist but it's more than a picture, a price and the wait.....I hate it sometimes. Especially since the big E changed the rules and fees. If you are not an 5 star seller, which means not one of your customers has rated you lower than a 5 in shipping, communication and condition of item as stated, you get to pay more in fees for listing and selling. And ya know there are some really weird people out there who just delight in raining on a sellers parade, just because they can. But the positive attitude is something sold is better than nothing.....keep smiling sellers.

My lovely and huge Saint Bernard Willow Ozgood is back to seizures again and I am flat broke. Gonna have to sell, sell, sell, in order to keep her in the phenobarbitol and other meds and blood tests so she can retain her title of "Fat Elvis". Poor baby has had 6 seizsures in the last 30 hours. They are getting so violent. I can't hold her down without help because after my knee surgery, I can't get down to the floor and when I bend down and try to do it my back goes into spasm. I am sure we are quite a sight.....a huge dog straining to make the letter C with her body, foaming at the mouth, blue tongue stuck out, quaking like a 9.9 and me crying and holding her down, talking baby talk to her, pleading for the shit to stop. Then afterwards there is the clean up....literally. She loses control of her bladder and people we're talking gallons. The vet is due this morning. We have the coolest traveling vet who comes to the house. I don't know what I'd do otherwise. Dr. Merickel is a miracle.

If we can't control the seizures, I am going to have to make a decision about what to do for my sweet angel. I have already asked a friend, who has other Saints, if she would be willing to take Willow because this dear lady has dealt with dogs with disabilites in the past and doesn't have small children. Willow needs some peace. After the seizures, I have been having to give her Valium, but it's not living, she just sleeps and drools and that's it.

The kids are finally back in school today, knock on wood. I am experiencing the sharing of the crud at it's maximum level today, sniff, sniff, blow. The worst is that my eyes won't stop watering. Well part of that is crying, but the other part is my eyes are just leaking. Uncle Alfonso used to call crying, old eyes. Well I got them. Big Dog is laying behind me snoring away. Sounds like a big old bear. What will I do without her? Oh hell, the vets coming maybe we can fix this shit.

Gotta go get dressed and stop leaking.......


  1. Linda so sorry to hear about your dog.... One of the reasons I have kept myself from getting a dog as I know just how attached one can become to them....I hope that the vet can help.... Enjoy your time this morning with the kids in school.... sending your big hugs via the astral plain.... with lots of love and blessings....

  2. ~LOVE your tranquil yet sparkly update! i am SO sorry for all you have been littlest has i do understand and sympathize with is not an easy road to be on...i hope your vet will work some magic and miracles and help find a way for you to keep your loved dear one...well wishes big hugs and brightest blessings to you~

  3. oh no...your poor pup! how old is she?he? how much does phenobarbitol cost? i am so sorry and i hope you keep us posted?

  4. Oh, poor baby. It's heartwrenching when our fur babies are sick because they don't understand...and many times when we do the things we have to do to help them, they fight us because that, too, they don't understand.
    Sending you blessings and hugs.

  5. Yes, i know what you mean with Ebay. pfff!
    I've listed my second creation, a mermaid! But i have no idea how much i have to ask. As starting bid i have $35 thats only €28 and if i sell her, Ebay is going to collect a fee, i don't know how much, i guess 12%? So i only get €25? hmmm... I rather have an Etsy shop, but that's also a problem, cause here in the Netherlands it's not common to have a creditcard(you need it to start an etsyshop).
    you only get one if you have a lot of money :-(
    Well... heres the ebaylink if you want to see my meramaid"

  6. I love the new look, very mermaidy, but it is hard to read your blog because the design overhangs into the text :(

    Vert word: surac

    The icicles are falling and the sounds of suRAC are heard against the house.

  7. Oh no...I go away for a while...then come back to all this!
    Poor pooch and poor Linda!

    I love the mermaid though...said so on are a wee dark horse ain't ya...

    Keep us posted on your big beauty...I hate to see sick animals...breaks my heart...

  8. I know exactly how you feel - I had the same with Caspa last week. Whatever the outcome is it will be the way it is supposed to be. I guess we always have to think how our beautiful aminals would feel about the way they are living. That doesn't make it any easier though does it. My thoughts are with you.
    Oh I agree about ebay too, fees fees fees. I have been looking into Atrfire too, they don't seem to charge as many fees as ebay or Etsy.

  9. Oh poor babies...this is got to be a horrible experience. I went through it with my youngest son and it took everything out of a few black eyes during the process. But poor Willow, she doesn't sad.

    I'm praying for both of you and hope your miracle worker can work his magic on Willow girl.

    Love ya mucho, B&g,

  10. Sorry about your pooch, she is adorable by the way. We had a Golden Retriever that had seizures and they can be scary for both the dog and the human. Animals bring us so much pleasure and so much heartache. My son's cat of 15 years passed away today and not because of age, he was very spry and we all loved him, he was attached by something either a cayote or raccoon we think. I guess all we can do is love them while we have them.

  11. So sad about Willow. I hope the vet can help. It is likely either a Colorado-trained vet or an A&M one there where you are, and they are miracle workers.

  12. OMG! Poor BABY!!! I hate hearing this, as you undoubtedly hate your sweet baby living it. I can't even imagine how to fix this, and I so wish I could fix this!

    I'm praying (and I don't do that often) that the vet has some good news for you. Big hugs to you, good or bad news.

    P.S. Nice new look of your blog.

  13. Your pup is gorgeous!
    I'm so sorry to hear of the troubles you've been having. Several years ago I had a yorkie that would have terrible seizures. It's so hard to watch our fur-babies endure them.

    I do have some good news for you though -- you were the winner of my Sweet Dreams giveaway :)
    Blessings )O(

  14. you are so right. i hear about things on the news after i have seen pictures on people's blogs and it becomes so much more real. my blog buddy from sweden saw news about our storm and it hit home. another cool thing about blogging.

  15. Oh sweetie I am so sorry to hear about your puppy. I read above that the seizures have now stopped, and that is indeed a blessing. I know it has to be very hard for both of you to deal with. And I wish you good luck with your selling. It is a pita, but I hope you can make the money that you need to keep you in the things you need.


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