Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Valentoonie tree and friends

I would like to call this meeting of Holiday aholics to order. Hi my name is Linda and I am a tree aholic. I have been putting up a tree for almost every holiday known to human kind for over 30 years. In addition, I have been decorating every flat surface, archway, gate and window possible for the same amount of time.

And there ain't no cure for this addiction, except the having ultimate garage sale and that scares me really badly. So without further 2010 edition of when it is too much Valentoonie?


  1. Go for it girlie - if it makes you happy!

    We have our own traditions for everything from Ground hog day to Veterans day - they don't include trees per say - but it is fun.

    I can't wait for Valentines day myself. We don't celebrate - we find it a silly holiday [no offense, have to read my blog to know why] but we do have a tradition.

    I think your tree is lovely.

    vert word: minse

    What Mickey and Minnie named their baby mouse: Minse.

  2. ~i have holiday ENVY! i tried to convince my husband to let us keep up our tree till after valentines day...well it made it till mid january and he begged me please...TAKE IT DOWN...i probably should has listened earlier in the month because we clogged our vacuum and had to bring out the shop vac...whatwhoow...we have a small 1 foot metal tree that i use throughoutthe little ones and i have just started making our valentines decor...but yours is something to very sweet and lucky are you to decorate to your hearts content!! much love and brightest blessings~

  3. I love it. A friend of mine keeps the tree up year round and decorates for each holiday. Your tree and decorations are so beautiful. Now I am tempted. Maybe not my big tree, but a little one.

  4. Love the tree, but that little devil is to die for - he is just adorable.

  5. what a beautiful tree.. I especially love the tree skirt... just like you to have something up all throughout the year... yet I think that is a lovely thing recognizing all the holidays..... sure the grands love it

  6. O0oO0o!!! That is so lovely! Sadly my boyfriend doesn't like it when it's too crowdy in our tiny house :-( for example: I don't have space left for all my creations, and i'm making more and more... So, i every corner you'll find my spookys and other creepy stuff! I guess i have to start selling! :-)

  7. I used to do that, but I'm so bad these days. Maybe I'll put up my Easter Bush this year. When in Germany many moons ago, I was introduced to the Easter tree and bought many ornaments but haven't put it up in years, so you've inspired me to be more "festive" during these little holidays that come before my favs.

    Love ya,

  8. Dear Linda!
    I´m very happy to have inspired you to become more
    "polka dotted" in your life!
    It will give you a happier life, believe me;)
    A Valentine tree?!
    How great isn´t that, now it´s my turn to be inspired.
    It gives me some ideas about a Valentine tree in the
    Vintage Fairy Tales.
    The little devil is a true cutie pie, where did you get him?
    Soon Mrs Hedgiewedgie will enter the scene...
    Stay tuned!
    Lots of polka dotted love

  9. Love your Valentine Tree, Linda ~ very pretty. I think it is great that you do holiday trees all year long. Keeps you in the spirit of things. I love Valentine's Day and I do have some decorations that I usually put out. Unfortunately, since our move, that box of items is buried under a LOT of stuff in the basement, so no "love" decorations this year. ):
    I enjoyed seeing your tree with the pretty decorations. Thanks, Linda.
    ♥ audrey


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