Sunday, February 14, 2010

See you again soon.....

Okay my lovelies...

Well it is computer is sicker than anyone else in the house. It won't shut down and keeps throwing the bit bite finger at me. Sweet Man is gonna take this unruly beast to the sick computer's store tomorrow and we will see. It may be that I will be using an old laptop which I hate with a passion. But I can't access quick enough to suit this old hurry up broad so rather that being a complete pycho about it, I will just use this time away from blogatropolis to get some more merlady environments done. I have 6 environments complete and need to work on the merladies themselves so that's what I shall be doing. Shells, pearls, sparklies and under the sea adventures for moi.

I was so looking forward to posting my 200th post this week....oh well, like you guys needed another giveaway. Well I suppose you'll just have to wait for the mermaid of your dreams to come and live at your abode.

I'll be thinking of you. ((((HUGS)))))


  1. Will be thinking of you. I'll miss you, but I know you will be back soon. I know what you mean about slow computers. Can't stand it.

  2. Hope the computer will be a quick fix. Have fun with your merladies

  3. ~may you take the time and enjoy your swim through the calm...sparkly warm waters...create away...will be waiting! good luck with your computer...always a bummer...brightest blessings~

  4. hope your binkie is fixed soon... would miss not having you around for too long....

  5. Awww crapola! Sorry to hear about your computer. I hope they can fix it up! We will certainly be missing you in the meanwhile though. *hugs*

  6. Will miss you!! Hurry back!
    ♥ audrey


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