Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Willow, Odin and Grumpy boy, oh I'm sorry Joe, I didn't mean you

Well the vet came yesterday and said that all she could do for Willow was what I have been doing until we get the results of the blood test. I hate waiting but that's the nature of things, so I will make the best of it. Ms. Willow has had no (knock on wood) seizures since early morning yesterday. She appears a little more alert and even tried to play with Odin the Coyote dog.

The two of them are very mismatched.

He is a medium sized (according to Ry) dog of questionable ancestory. Traveling coyote I'd say, caught his mama by surprise or maybe she was into strangers. At any rate, when we went to Espanola, in northern New Mexico, home of the Our Lady of Guadalupe low riders, to get him at the rescue center, he was a mess. I asked my daughter if she really thought she had the resources to handle a puppy with mange and vitamin deficiency and he was fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugly. Poor little critter. I think she thought she would be the only one to take him, and she may have been right. She nursed him back to health, sorta but South Carolina sure did not agree with him. He was skinny and the mange damaged spots were showing through his coat and he was very listless when they all got here this last summer. He was worse for wear. But it only took him a little while to get into the groove as far as being a spoiled rotten poochie in my house. He eats like a champion now and has gained some weight and his coat is shiney and he's a happy dog. He weighs not even a third what she does at 150 pounds. (pssssst, you didn't hear this from me but he kinda has become my buddy, shhhhhhh, don't tell his Mom, she will be so jealous)

Did I mention Odin also has seizures??? Yeah, lucky me. But really it is good because he alerts to her when she is going to have a spell and is very concerned for her and lays down next to her as she is seizing. He a sweet, pretty, fugly dog now and loves his big girl friend and the rest of us too.

When they do play, she sticks his whole head in her mouth. Slimey, drooly mess, he retaliates by nipping her feet and then the stupidity ensues. I love to watch animals enjoy each other. On the other hand I also like watching Odin torture the beast that is named Sunny Bunny Boo Boo Head. He is a traitorous ginger tabby manx mess who has decided that since he is the only cat in the house, he will choose who he will attend to and the rest of us fools can bugger off. He chose GK. He loves him some GK and if she is not available to fulfill his quotient of loving he will chase Shelley down, if that fails well there's alway me. But trust me, I am last on his short list. But when Odin chases him.....I love it too many. Hey maybe that's why the cat ignores me cuz I enjoy his frustration. Nah, he's just a cat.
Can you see the love in his eyes.......not?


  1. Gosh, you sure have your hands full with your fir babies, but they become part of the family, and they are so beautiful. I love the face of your cat...can just see that "I rule" look.

  2. Well Linda, I hope your FAMILY PET MEMBERS do better very soon, they are all so darling. It's hard when our family pet's are sick They can't tell us but we can see it in their eyes. I always know when mine aren't doing well. Gotta go clean house. Take care.

  3. FUNNY - love to hear about the fur babies, it is good they have each other also.

  4. your sunny looks just like mine... and the same disgusting look.... got to love it... :-)

  5. Oh all three are so beautiful. Isn't the love we get from them just the best love ever. Even a cats aloof love.

  6. This is too fonny, my friend. I love watching my Chihuahuas get into it. Maya is such a bitch, which she is, and Mr. Peanut is the old man. If he hogs up the blanket on he couch, she'll go outside and bark, as if someone or something of interest is out there. Dummy Peanut Man, flies off the couch, barking through the kitchen and out the doggie door to see what the commotion is all about. As soon as he hits the door to come out, she's running in to get her sacred place back. If dogs could speak, he'd be saying a big "Doh," after he realizes she's done it again.

    The other day, I was petting a neighborhood kitty and they were at the door going crazy....I left the main door open so they could see me through the glass door. I'm so terrible...loved watching them just go crazy over the fact they couldn't chase said kitty away. I do have a bit of a mean streak in me. I love messing with my grandkids and dogs!! LOL

    Love ya mucho, B&G,

  7. ~your little loved ones are adorable...i hope all is going well with them today...i thought it was hard enough taking care of one little one with seizures but my goodness you have two le alone animals so they can not speak with you about their pain...oh so sorry...breath my dear...keep breathing...well wishes for you all and brightest blessings~


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