Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The fog has lifted...or I bet I can wait longer than you can

My first husband was from well somewhere between Amarillo and Canyon Texas. I would call that West Texas but it would make Holly (Bannerhaus)crazy so I will call it just past eastern New Mexico. I don't wanna get in trouble again???????

Anyway, political correctness aside, we made lots of trips back and forth on that drive before and after we married. It became a boring drive on I-40. Now don't get me wrong, the countryside has beauty to it but after awhile, a little mundane. And like all things, if you do them often enough it becomes common place. Too bad really.

There is lots of weather on that I-40 corridor. Yeah Linda there's weather everywhere. LOL But the weather is sneaky between here and the Texas border. Creeps out of the mountains and runs up behind you....just teasing. But any trucker worth his "load" will tell you that between the inclines of the passes and the flat places where the wind can flip you around, the tornados and dust storms, NM/TX has some....weather. Before the interstate went around some of the towns on the road it was part of Route 66. Enough geography/history for today.

The fog was what always was the show stopper when we traveled to Canyon. So thick at times that you just inched along. I feared the fog even more than the tornados but then I was young and foolish..now I'm old and foolish so not much has changed except....my name.

Speaking of names...............Until last week, I still had my former husband's last name on the Social Security mailings I'd get. I had a SS card that had my now married name, cuz I went to the SS office back in 1972 right after I got married to SM and changed my name....or so I thought. So for the past, oh I don't know 30 something years, I have had another name. And I read some awful stories on the internet about folks not being able to change names, waiting for years for the changes etc. and I was putting it off. Yeah, like forever.

I went to the SS office armed with my birth certificate, marriage license to texas man, divorce papers from texas man, marriage license to Sweet Man, SS card with SM last name, drivers license with current address, a piece of mail with my name and current address and the deed to my house. I wasn't going to be turned away like the stories I had read. I was ready.

Waited for an hour, with the masses, which was quite entertaining. I love to watch people behaving badly, so long as I am in a safe place. LOL They called my number and I swear I had butterflies in my stomache the size of bald eagles. Sat down, explained the situation, gave this 12 year old my paperwork, and then waited. Within 10 minutes the situation was solved. Oops. Did you know that the paper work done by the Social Security Administration is not done by employees of the SSA but is contracted out to other providers? Nope, me neither. Even back in '72, that's how the mistake happened that my real name never got entered into the system. ughh, okay.

But when you've waited this long to do what you should have done decades ago, bitching ain't becomin'.

So the fog has lifted and I have Sweet Man's last name as my last name on paper, for real. I asked him how he felt about that and he said he'd get back to me.