Friday, March 5, 2010

Oh gosh, you girls are too good to me....and on the same day too.

I just love my bloggy buddies. I am always amused, amazed and addicted to and by every one of my favs. This morning as I am going to the usual haunts, I happen on my Swedish love child's blog (that is a very long and strange story but I can assure you it is metaphysical. You know how sometimes in life, you meet someone and you just know somewhere in some age you knew them before? Yep, there ya go.) and am thrilled to see the funny little hedge hog puppet head I sent to Becky, right there on the screen. Mrs. Hedgywidgy went to live with Becky because she has so many hedge hogs in her collection and just knew the Mrs. needed to be with other of her kind. Ms. Becky takes the most winsome, whimsical photos and is such a sweet soul. I would love to live in The Vintage Fairy Tale that she has all the way across the ocean. Thank you Becky for the compliment and for the link to here. You're a goodie.

I sent her a tiny itty bitty, thank you gift for playing my game of stump the band and there my girls are on the big time at someone else's house. I had a heck of a time getting them to her. Let's just say the postal gods were not very cooperative and neither were my family. Do ya'll know who Blanche Debois was in Street Car Named Desire with Marlon Brando? Well, she was a lady who was a lamo who couldn't or wouldn't do for herself and the famous line is "I will just have to depend upon the kindness of strangers". That's kinda how I felt when on the third try, I finally got them in the mail.

But GereaKaye and my Solstice Fairies (we do a different kind of fairy dolly every year) finally arrived at Marlene's house. I'm sure they will enjoy living with such a talented artist and lovely gentle soul.

So thanks for the kind referrals and the lovely words ladies. I'm a smilin' lady. There is a great deal of good warm feelings in a thank you from a friend.

And I should thank my friends who have bestowed awards on me. I'm a baddie cuz I don't do awards. I am always flattered but not good on the follow through. So know I appreciate you thinking of me, and I still love you lots, but I don't do awards real well.

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  1. Linda you are too modest... you are such a giving girl.... I kept one of the fairys you so graciously sent for my granddaughter... I just had to keep her... they are way to precious...


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