Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So there....I did it again

For all of you who tried yesterday to see my Mermaids, I apologize for not being smart enough to have checked my settings. Oops. I had not changed the viewing settings for Practically Magickal and so no one but me, myself and I could see it. I fixed it honest. http://practicallymagickal.blogspot.com/

Thanks to all who commented and told me that you enjoyed my stories about my hairy girls. I will do some more tales on tails....later. Promise. Right now I need to concentrate on getting my Etsy thingie going and list about a million things on Ebay too. My good friend brought over a gazillion collectible cars, trucks, man stuff and some Navajo jewlery so that I can list, sell and get some mo money to pay for Ms. Willow's rehab.

The new vet musta known what she was doing cuz Ms. Thing's ears don't smell like they might rot off of her head anymore and she is getting a little more feisty. Poor Odin, his head spends more time inside her mouth while they are doing the dog wrestling thing. I think we just might be on the right track here. She is still on heavy Elvis medicine but her blood tests indicate that the levels are now sufficient to keep her from having any more Grand Mal's.

Grand Mal's sounds like a retail thing if you think about it. Haven't been out to do retail therapy in so long, I may have forgotten how to do that.

Nah, it's like riding a horse, oh wait, I don't do that either. I did notice the other day that my shopaholic group doesn't meet anymore. They're all out shopping instead.....without me. Damn. My wallet has not seen the light of day since before Christmas. My credit card company called and wanted to know if it was time to send me a new one because I usually need to get one every 6 months cuz the numbers wear down. Ba dum dum chhhhhhh.

See ya lovelies.


  1. I am so glad to hear that your fur baby is getting better. What great news. We get so attached and hate to see them suffer in pain. Giver your baby a hug for me.

  2. YAY! She is getting better.

    I related today's tale on tails story to the family and they were all rolling with laughter. [...and the dog's ass was hanging out of the St. Bs and the little kid is screaming "Your dog ate my dog" - well that was how I told it and they thought it was funny]

    Thanks again for sharing they REALLY make my day.

    My vert word is unteys - sounds like an undershirt you wear under a shirt. :D [I suck]

  3. ((((Hugs))) Hey my friend!! Nice to see you...I've been reading back thru some of the posts I missed. lol I really missed reading them, more than I thought!!! Good luck on the esy thingine :)


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