Monday, March 22, 2010


Spring is an interesting time of year. Not my cup of tea but let's face it, we all had to learn to deal with delicacies that we don't care for, but consume because it is the right thing to do and we were not to waste anything.

It's like spring is fussy and can't make up it's mind. Or maybe the rivalry between Grandmother Winter and the new upstart, gossamer dressed spring Nymph and her valley girl attitude is too much for both of them. The battling that goes on is well, inconvenient for us humans who are in their way. Snow in the morning, 60's in the afternoon. Whatever.

Or maybe it's just me this year. Had a lot to deal with and it all seems so empty somehow. I see the trees budding, the flowers straining at groundlevel to win the ongoing battle with the soil, birds doing the "happy" dance to get the best mate, people shaking rugs and airing out linens. Yeah, I guess I'd have to say the valley girl is coming on strong.

But I like the calm rolly plumpness of autumn and the slowing down of all manner of things much better, more my cup of cider. So I'll watch the rest of humanity revel in the newness of spring and endure the heat of summer and patiently wait until Jack Frost whispers to the trees to prepare the way for autumn.