Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We better win the that is.

If you have read this blog for almost a year now, you will know I just adore my grands. They are so close to my heart sometimes I think someone will hear the sound of it beating when they speak.

Review: GereaKaye 9, old soul, loves school, is bright and articulate, loves music, crafting, fairies, being right, sharing snuggles, teasing the dickens out of her Papa and Oma, her marmalade tabby manx (used to be mine but he has good taste and chose her) flirts like a champ, like boys (no really?), can hardly wait to be a teenager is thin, pretty and a wise ass. My kind of chick.

RyLeigh will be six a week from Friday. My birthday twin, bright, finding out who he is and how he can use it to his advantage, has Papa wrapped around his little finger, loves music, crafts, building, dinosaurs, cars, trains, planes, making things from blocks that can cure what's wrong with you, (he puts his inventions to my head and tells me I'll feel better right quick), picky eater but learning I don't run a diner, loves to make noises, loves school, is extremely forgiving (except for his sister at times) and is autistic.

Okay, now you are caught up on the grands. Our family life is my daughter and the grands live with us in what was my parents house and where I attempted to be a human child during jr. high and high school. My daughter attended the same high school I did and I suppose the grands will as well unless our number is drawn in the lottery for a charter school. We will know on Friday if GK's name is drawn. Fingers crossed.

I know there are those of you out there who are completely against charter or specialized schools and I say okay, you have the right to your opinion.

And I will add right here, I don't expect that the charter school will be the be all and end all. I don't expect that I won't be doing the same thing I am doing now. I am however hoping that the staff and principal will be more......human and less.....zombie of the system. I am so frightened for more than the school system but THE system in general.

That being said, I hate our school system. APS is going to be doing assessment testing next week....another week of educating down the drain. The test is to see how well the students are doing?????? NOT. The test is to get federal funding. GereaKaye is all upset, she has a bit of test anxiety. I want to tell her it is the school system that should be nervous not her. And this is from someone who worked with kids for more than 20 years.

I supplement both GK's and Ry's school day with geography, science, social studies, history, art appreciation and math in the afternoons and evening and weekends. I sneak it in on them. They think we are having fun of all things. I am a fortunate soul in that I have it in me to do so. Not everyone is as fortunate as far as time, resources and knowledge to supplement what is not being said, taught, implied, skimmed over or not addressed in school here. I am so disappointed when I see how kids can't I mean can't. No one has taken the time with them to work on writing. The art of penmanship, turning thoughts into written words or the mechanics of doing so. And I shall not go into the other abominations of neglect except for one.

Homework. Teachers don't have time to grade homework so if you hand it in, that is the end product needed. Not if it is correct, not if it is finished, not even if it was attempted. And if you are absent. Oh Hell No, you don't need to make it up or have the lesson given to you. You can just catch up as best as you can with no additional help from the teacher.

GK and Ry seem to be plague children. You know if anyone has anything, they get it, bring it home and share it. So they have missed some days of school. Ry in Kindergarten didn't have but a couple of things he needed to catch up on, besides he is in the d level class and they can't keep him busy enough with math, reading and such because none of the other boys in his class can even do any of that. I get it. But he needs stimulus anyway...not just blocks, and sand and well you get it. GK has missed some time and I have gone in with her to get homework, suspecting that she just didn't ask but no.......if they aren't there, well too bad, no homework packets for absentees. So what am I to do? Raise what did you say? Nah, that didn't do any good either. I was expecting far too much from the principals staff according to her in her condescending tone. I wanted to comment to her that her skin looks a lot clearer now than when she was in class with Shelley in high school but thought better of it. Little snot.

Sometimes I can be so retro. You know saying this that and the other about back in the day when I was actually expected to participate in my classes and I could expect that the teachers would notice if I had. Good grief old woman don't you know times have changed. Why yes I do and it makes me sad, mad and glad I can help my two babies to be successful. But what about all the others? How do I not feel bad for them? How do I not have animosity towards a system that has forgotten that the basics are essential in keeping our nation strong. You know....people who can read, write, add and make damn change without the computer telling them what the change is. Oops....there she goes again. Oma don't embarrass us with your old school stuff. Yeah like that's ever gonna happen. NOT.


  1. There are many people so upset with the educational system...therefore, the boom in home schooling...

  2. You spoke my thoughts, especially at the end about making change, One of my biggest pet peeves! My husband handed a fake 1 million dollar bill to a young clerk and she actually tried to make change and asked him how much it should be. Good Lord and these are the people that will be in control of our country some day.

  3. Do NOT get me started on those FREAKING tests.

    The kids spend most of their time being "taught for the test" than acutally learning something so the school system looks good - and THEN the school says "Well if your child doesn't do well it doesn't matter toward their grades or placement because we don't use them for those purposes."

    Wanna FREAKING bet they don't? They lie.

    I am glad you are in the lottery and will say my prayers that you get GK in. That would be awesome.

  4. Firstly it is lovely to hear the love you have for your grands in your words. I am presuming a Charter school is the equiv. of a Private school over here in Australia. I do believe a lot of people do also have problems with Publis Schools over here as well but I was lucky enough to have my kids at a Private School - financially it was tough but I did it.

  5. GK and RyLeigh are VERY fortunate to have you as a grandmother;)
    My mother was a teacher and she always tried to teach me about stuff, but I never listened! That´s me!
    Have a great Easter and give the kids a hug from me!
    Hippetihop, love you!

  6. my middle son went to a specialized school for his Junior and Senior years... I have to say seeing the difference between him and my others... I am all for them.... Here is wishing that GK wins the lottery... I likewise will keep my fingers crossed.

  7. I love the way you always speak of your beautiful grandchildren. It's easy to see they are your heart and soul. As for the schooling system, it has been off for decades. I personally prefer home schooling. I have no children here but if I did, they would be home schooled. Take care Linda and have a great Easter with your family.

  8. Well said, Linda!! There are big problems out there in the educational system. We have much work ahead of us to get this country back on track in many areas.
    No, Linda, all those beautiful flowers and trees are not in my yard. I wish. The entire valley is bursting with pink and white blooms on the trees. You can see them everywhere you drive. Too bad they can't stay on the trees all summer.
    Have a Blessed Easter, Linda!
    ♥ audrey

  9. Good for you to take charge! More folks need t have an interest in their children and teach rather than just to sign them up for every sport they can find.

  10. Good morning, Linda!!
    I hope you had a wonderful Easter!! It was so beautiful here in VA. It was a perfect day to celebrate Easter!!
    Have you found any turtle holes yet? I am eager to hear when you do. I just love those little guys.
    Have a beautiful week, Linda!!
    ♥ audrey

  11. My kids go to a charter school and we all love it! In a lot of ways our school is tougher than public but at the same time the teachers are better equipped to teach the kids and it all balances out. I won't lie and say it is just as cheap as public schools. Because charter schools don't get funding in all the ways traditional public schools do, parents have to contribute more. We have fundraisers all year and as a PTSO member I can tell you we write for grants, especially on big projects like the upgrades to our playground.

    Try looking also for a state charter school organization. I am a member of MAPSA for Michigan Charter schools.

    Good Luck!


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