Monday, March 15, 2010

with only 4 days until spring........................


  1. goodness dear what an angry looking bird.... I am so ready for spring yet it looks like we may have snow the first day.... go figure...

  2. Wow what an expression on that bird, If looks could kill doesn't even describe it. By the way just want you to know that I clicked on a few of your post this past week that just gave me a message that they didn't exist. Now that is okay if you removed them but if not there is a glitch somewhere.

  3. ~thats one fierce little bluebird...yikes...hope it doesn't grace us with its presence...brightest blessings~

  4. *hehe*
    That bird just makes me laugh!!

    And guess what, I have given you an award:

  5. I'm stealing your picture. Andria and I call my son, Joel, the black bird of happiness!!! Black, blue, it's all the same!!!!

    Love ya, B&S,


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