Monday, April 12, 2010

All your eggs in a nest and other such info......

Sorry, the turtle seems to have a bit of Houdini blood in her. She has not peeked out her little green head since we spied her on the back porch hedgerow. But as soon as I see one, I'll make sure to make it famous with you lovelies.

I have another place for you to visit. Makes me happy and sometimes perplexed, but in a good way, when I go to visit this clip art site. This lady has a most interesting way of addressing life and is very generous to share vintage clip art with readers and has other clip art that are so inexpensive it is scary. Can you tell I've been in a paper kinda mood lately? Anyway this pride of west Texas girl is Holly and her bloggie  That's where I grabbed the lovely eggs in a nest. Ms. Holly had another blog where you can go and see and grab (her word not mine) other super clip art. That retired bloggie is

I'm gonna be out of pocket for the next few days and will miss you all. Have a lovely week, I'll catch up on the weekend. (((hugs))) until next time
this pix is from Graphics Fairy


  1. PS: About your turtles: this is a typical Murphy's Law case!

  2. I love Holly! I know her since her first blog. She's true, smart, transparent, doesn't try to be sweet if it's not the case, it's always willing to help, and has this bitter-sweet sense of humor that is super. She became a wonderful friend.

    Hope you have a great week, Linda, we'll be here when you're back!

    Kisses from us.


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