Monday, April 5, 2010

And this is what brought me the VIRUS again......

On Thursday afternoon, I was preparing myself for the grands being off of school on Friday. I thought it might be a good thing to try to get directions for silk tie dying of eggs. My besty is a silk painter and I am the recepient of all of her scraps from her gorgeous work. I'm a lucky girl. While I do not have any silk ties to play with at this time, I do have her work. So I went online and did a search for silk tie eggs. What I got was directions from a couple of bloggers from last year and computer started having a meltdown....right in from of my little eyeballs. Trojan horse this, stolen passwords that, corrupted files up my beep.

So, I calmly turn the #^^%%@ thing off, called the computer emergency room place and send it away to be cleansed. Leper computer. Be healed in the name of a deperate blogger with information and stuff to share.

I have been kinda twitchy, having to use SM computer. Now I am afraid to be curious. Now I don't trust looking for information. The PC Magic people (alias leper colony for the stupid thing) said it is unavoidable. WTH, the $$$$$$ I am paying you is unavoidable? Now I'm gonna have to have a tea party on their front sideway, que loco?

Apparently (or transparently depending on who you ask), this particular virus can come out of nowhere and even if you have Norton or McAfee of stand with a 357 magnam at the portal of all things informational, it just sneaks in. REALLY?

Anyway, I am unavoidable deeper in money doo doo than I was before because ya can't sell on ebay if ya don't list shit and SM needs his computer for work. Does this remind you of another piece of machinery that I can't use because everyone else works and what I do on for and about ebay is cuz I enjoy earning 25 cents an hour selling stufff I don't want to get rid of, at prices that make me ill, to people who for the most part are nice but clueless and want the world for $5. Breathe.....................okay.

So now I have my own computer back and can get back to my happy place. With you my lovelies. Showing off these gorgeous eggs wrapped in silk scraps, wrapped in white cotton, boiled in an enamel or glass pan with 5 Tablespoons of white vinegar to 8 cups of water for 20 minutes. Let them cool, take off their wrappings, rub them with veggie oil and show off the fact you didn't get a virus from doing this.

And that my dears is my good deed for the day.


  1. I recently went through the same thing. Scary. I felt violated. It makes you afraid to even surf the net. I have Norton, but that didn't pick up on it. Even though I paid for the most expensive version...due to my fears...all they seem to find is cookies. So on my work computer I did some investigating and found a program that is free for 30 days...Hitman Pro 3.5. We scanned the comuputer and found not only a nasty Trojan, but also something called a Rootkit. The program got rid of them right away. I am definitely going to purchase this program when the trial period is up. From what I see, as soon as the ocmputer is turned on, it scans.

  2. Linda those eggs are beautiful, I have never seen eggs done that way before. I still think it is strange that an object can get a virus, very odd concept.

  3. Very cool. I had never heard of the method of dying eggs.

  4. ~first i like your new little picture! secong OH MY GOODNESS...these have to be the MOST BEAUTIFUL EGGS i have ever laid eyes on...for all your troubles these are priceless...i am sorry for your computer troubles...i am always leary when lingering online just for that reason...glad you have it back! may you have only safe browsings from now on...well wishes and brightest blessings always upon you...and can i just say one more time...l♥♥♥ve these!~


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