Saturday, April 10, 2010

Crusty old broad....................

Have you ever met someone who shares your birthdate?

Today, I was introduced to 5 other women who share my birthday. It was a bit of a shock. Not something I expected, but a joy none the less.

About 25 years ago, at the church we were attending, in the Sunday School Class we joined, there was a man named Doug. He had the same birthdate as me. As a matter of fact, he was born just 3 minutes earlier than me. Quirky huh? He was born in New Jersy and I was born in New Mexico and there we were in the same church, in the same Sunday School class. And even accounting for the time difference, we were that close to being born at the same moment. It was kinda weird.

Doug and I were no more alike than peas and carrots. At least not that we could figure out.

And then there is my grand Ry. He also shares my birthday.

When Shelley was young, I said I felt like I had been stuffed in a Karmic sandwich between she and my mother. They were the bread and I was the bologna. Both liked looking pretty, I was afraid to look in the mirror. They were head strong and I was compliant. They were girlie and I couldn't bring myself to do that. And yet they also were very different from one another. But still crusty (HA HA) in their own way.

Ry and I now make up the Karmic sandwich and Shelley is the bologna. We are very much alike in our emotional makeup. Poor world. Shelley said she thought it would be GK and I that would make the family Karmic lunch food but nope it's the boy and me. He is extreme in his emotions, has no patience when things that should operate don't, doesn't suffer fools easily and forgives immediately. He also takes the burdens of the world on his own tiny shoulders and worries about things that he has no control over. Yep me and the boy. But he also laughs quickly, deeply and loudly. He know what he likes and takes full advantage of said passions. While I may not have been diagnosed with autism, I am slightly obsessive compulsive, where he lines up his hot wheels, I arrange my paint bottles. We are different in more ways than we are similar but if I am to be the crust of bread with someone.....I'm glad it is Ry guy.

This picture was sent to me by my bloggie bud Audrey cuz she knows I love me some baby turtles. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


  1. My sister-in-law and I share a birthday, and I have a client who has the same birthday. So, there are two people in my life that I know who were babes in arms with me.

  2. That is an adorable picture and I bet that turtle is going to have a wonderful meal and then maybe a sick tummy as it looks bigger than him.

  3. I share my birthday with John Lennon, the 9th of October!
    Pretty cool, isn´t it!?
    I think we have the same hair style except the beard;)
    Love you

  4. No one I know shares my birthday but Hitler committed suicide on my birth date.

  5. On my 18th birthday, on June 6th, I was given a present for life: my niece Catarina was born! She's now a gorgeous 23 years old young woman, and I love her! So far sh1s the only one I know sharing my b-day. My sister Claudia - Catarina's mom, was born on June 3rd, 8 years earlier than me.

    Loved the way you described Ry, what a beautiful present as well!

    Kisses from us.


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