Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter....ummmmmmm late yeah that's it.....

I was going to post this on Saturday so you could see my chicks, bunnies, lambs, and all things pastel and springy and soft and sweet and cute and be able to wish you Happy Easter. But then the dreaded silk tie egg fiasco virus happened so deal.

I just love some of these Easter tree decorations, well I like them all, but some of them are from when Shelley was little. My tree insanity started with of course Christmas but then Easter was my first flirtation with alternate decorating. I had a branch from a curly willow we had in our front yard spray painted white for years until one year when one of Shelley's high school chums thought it was made of bendable something or other and broke the main branch off. I never did understand that boy. Anyway, that following Christmas season I bought a white tree....it's been insanity ever since.

I have a (white) winter tree with snowmen and snowflakes, a (white but I would like a pink one) Valentoonie tree as you have saw this year, a (white)Saint Patricks tree with all manner of shamrock and foolishness, a very sparkly and garish (purple) Mardi Gras tiny tree, this here (white irridescent)  pastel eggstravaganza Easter tree, a (white) springy flower tree with my own handmade silk flowers, a (white irredescent) fairy magick tree with all types of fae and sparklies of all kinds, a (white) patriotic 4th of July tree, a (white)summer fun tree with watermelons, ants, picnic baskets, kites, balloons, a sunflower tree with crows and flowers (brown) , a (black) Halloween tree, my favorite of all time and has more stuff than Carters has pills, a (brown) very sedate and respectable Harvest tree with blown glass acorns, pumpkins, leaves and my choice of 3 different theme trees for Christmas...Mexicana (the best) with DOTD, Our Lady of Guadalupe, loterria, serapes, stamped tin and on and on, gold and crystal (SM favorite), a regulation traditionally decorated one with one of everything holiday (green).

That is 1 white, 1 white irridescent, 1 very small purple, 1 brown, 1 black (but I need a bigger one), 1 short green, 1 tall green tree. So can you imagine what my crazy holiday storage area is like.....yeah me too. But don't call Hoarders.....its only 12 tubs of foolishness, and I did build shelves to house them. I have Ms. Nissy on my speed dial.

So Happy Easter tree to all and to all a .......oh messed up again huh? Hippity Hop Ya'll.