Saturday, April 17, 2010


Sometimes I wish I were a bear.

My husband says I snore like one. My grands say I growl like one. My daughters says I hug like one. So, I decided to hibernate like one.

That's were I have been for the past few days, in hibernation of my own making. I have kept up with the honest to goodness, must do things, but the other stuff has been put to bed. I ignored things I didn't want to deal with. I did stuff that would make me feel successful, because goodness knows we all need to feel successful. Even if it is in tiny, slower than mollasses, steps. I mean honest successes like getting ready for a massive garage sale by gleaning through things. Facing the facts and doing something positive to make reality and hopefulness match and get rid of things which I will never use again. Lighten my load. Give someone else the opportunity to own "prime crap" that brought a smile, or wish come true but it's time has come and it's off with the old and on with less.

This is an on-going mania for me. I have done this 6 times in the past 10 years. This will be the last time I do it. Next time, Shelley will have to do the gleaning, sorting and getting rid of.

It's a legacy. My mother gave me this flaw on my 14th chromosome and so I have passed it to my child. Or at least that's what they said on "Hoarders". I hate that show. I am no where as bad but it still makes me feel guilty. When I was younger, and more able to tote that barge and lift that bale, I was a little obsessive/compulsive about having things all where they should be. But as all of life has happened......not so much. Not lazy but unable to "git ur dun".

First, we had a Had to let go of my "things" that were damaged.
second, child moved home with child, yeah more stuff.
third, my Mother passed away, get rid of tons of stuff.
fourth, moved in with my Father, compact my stuff to fit.
fifth, Dad moves out, move over the other stuff that was left behind, but get rid of more stuff.
sixth, child moves in with 2 kids, move my stuff and sort.
Now, just get rid of it already. Wish all of you lovelies could come and have your pick of my stuff, dishes, linens, decorations, memories, craft supllies, you know good stuff. But I will have my garbage, er garage sale and let it go. I have promised no take backs. Everything left over goes to a charity. 

Then Shelley can move her stuff from the storage shed and have a garage sale in September. I have a feeling that I will be less stressed by her things in boxes in the garage than I have been about my own. Nanny, nanny, boo, boo, I won't have to worry. Oh, was that mean? Did I go over the boundaries of good taste and right form?  See I told you I was a bear.


  1. Good luck with your garage sale. I have bags of stuff I promised I was taking to good will still in my garage from last summer. Tsk Tsk.


  2. I'm doing that too. sorting through my stuff. Am leaving lost of stuff at the city house. Even some of the stuff I brought to the country house I may take back to the city house, let the grandkids go through it all, keep what they want and then get rid of the rest. Just don't want a lot of stuff to take care of anymore when the things that matter are not that.

  3. A big teddy bear maybe.... or possibly pooh?


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