Thursday, April 8, 2010

My crafting hero...JSIM

I have long been fascinated with "little paper houses". You have to check out Cathe Holden's post today, it is too wonderful to skip.

Cathe is one of the most generous crafters, designers, artists in blogdom and the grands and I just love to try what she has to offer. Her directions are precise and fun to follow, her ideas are on target and current and she is so very generous with her work, but I guess I already said that. It's true my lovelies.

As a kid, I, like so many of my generation, had the Putz or putz-imitator houses under the Christmas tree or on the mantle as a snow village. I made some as a kid out of milk cartons. You know the little ones that you get at school. I drove my third grade teacher Mrs. Lawson nuts asking if I could have everyone's milk carton every day at lunch. She would put them in a bag for me and all went well until I forgot to take them home one day and the next morning, she had to air out the classroom because of the soured milk smell. That was the end of collecting those little babies.

But I did gather enough to make everyone in my class a holiday house as my Christmas gift to them. All sparkly with glitter snow and with cellophane windows.

I also conned my big brother into getting me as much cellophane as he could from the candy boxes that were thrown away at the movie theater where he worked. He had to wear a uniform and carry a flashlight to show folks to their seats....very official. Even a twirpy looking pill box hat with a chin strap. Oh too funny now but back then, he was styling, even if he did have to clean the theatre.

So I had recycled junk and created something with it wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back in the day. Because believe it or else.....we did that. It's not a new thing. What we had we used. What we didn't have, we scrounged. And what we couldn't find, we improvized.

That's why it cracks me up when I hear someone, usually at a high fallutin' judged art showing, remark about the ingenuity of using trash for a treasure. As though it was a new idea. Don't get me wrong, I am always in awe of folks who can take stuff and make stunners. I will say that what has happened is that "tramp art" has been elevated to a new status and that's a great thing. So I kinda giggle when I am asked to state what kind of artist I think I am....I answer a mixed media, repurpose, altered art kinda artist, you know the "usual junk".


  1. Those little houses are great. I love them. A lot of talent went into making them.

  2. Well, once my head swelling subsides, I can get on with my day! LOL. Thank you so much for all your kind words and for sharing my little paper houses. I sure enjoyed your post!! Love that you collected all those little milk cartons!

  3. I wish I had the patience... I love them.. Will have to check them out. I wanted to also say I also really like you new pic.. the dove...

  4. Yeah we were all so crafty back then. Now it's all pre-packaged kits. No room for creativity.

  5. hi Linda! thanks for stopping by at my blog!how lovely these paperhouses are! It would be so nice to put my little orphan busts in these kind of cosy homes :-)

  6. Wow they are great little houses. I also have a love of little houses, mine developed when I lived in the U.S. We didn't really have anythinglike that back in OZ. I have just checked out Cathe's blog and I know I will ge continuing. I agree back in the day we jus did create from the old junk - now called "recycled"

  7. Great houses, I will have to check out Cathe's blog

  8. Those are great and fun houses. Have a great Friday.

  9. Love the little houses. They are so precious. Somewhere on my external hard drive I had a template but I have no clue if it survived the crash yet. I am an altered art girl too so I know what you mean. And I am not above the occasional dumpster dive. :)

  10. Great post. Thanks for the link to the blog with the paperhouses.
    Recyled, altered, reworked, whatever we call it these days... we end up with the same thing ~ joy in the act of creating it and joy in the completed piece.
    ♥ audrey

  11. I love paper houses! These are the cutest! Thanks for sharing and for your stpry!

    Kisses and love from us.


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