Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ry on a day....not judging, just a day

Everytime I start one of these posts about Ry, I stop to wonder if you are going to think it is as funny as I do and then remember that most of you have quirky little things in your life too so here goes.

This morning started like most, the kids fussing with one another while getting dressed for school. It always sounds like a beehive in there. But this time it escalated to a bump, whine, cry and then "Sissy threw a book at me".

My grands know a few things about me like: I am a snarky old bitch and don't do mornings very happily. I don't allow hitting of any kind. And last but not least, a snitch is my least favorite animal early in the morning or any other time for that matter.

With that having been said, I asked Sissy, alias GK to come and explain herself. She said that Ry wasn't getting dressed. That she had told him numerous times to get dressed and finally got upset with him and threw a copy of Captain Underpants at him (a paperback book). I asked her to be more understanding and gave her an extra chore to do this afternoon because of her behavior.

Shelley, their Mom, always lays out his clothes for the following day and GK couldn't get him to put them on.

I asked Ry to come in and explain his side of it. He said, "Sissy threw the book at me because I wouldn't put on tomorrow's clothes".

Yes, I did keep a straight face but it was hard. Symantics is a two edged sword huh. So for all of you linear thinkers out there just remember that tomorrow is yesterday's today.

psst. Darren, Ye Olde Crone's Gazette is for you today.


  1. I must be quirky cause I found it amusing also. Kids!, ya gotta love em.

  2. It's all in interpretation...

    By the way, be careful about snitches...sometimes a snitch can be good (especially when they snitch about something like street drugs, alcohol, stealing, etc)


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