Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sappy but true............tee hee

First I have to say Earth Day Blessings. We are lucky earthlings, aren't we? All the beauty right here at a glance. But being a caretaker is an awesome responsibility....take it serious people.

Faerwillow's post today reminded me of a life lesson I think I should share with you. You know crones they can't help meddling, mucking and remembering. We're like that. It's an awesome responsibility and I take it seriously, at every opportunity.

When GK was about three, I read The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, to her. First time through she cried. I had read the book before and couldn't understand why she was crying. I mean I got the selfishness and use it up attitude and then the sacrifice made by the tree but I did not know the depth to which GK's pure heart would be touched. She said it was a mistake for the boy to use up the tree. As I remember, she was almost inconsoleable. As a matter of fact, she did not want to have that book read to her again. And when asked to read it to Ry not long ago, she said it was too scary for him. (Think about it). 

That summer or it may have been late spring, we went to the mountains for a day camp trip. Back to where Shelley, Sweet Man and I had camped when Shelley was little. In the gorgeous Jemez mountains not far from Los Alamos, where the atom bomb was perfected. (Icky diverse ends of a spectrum) Back to the wild turkey infested area which is near a stream that is ice cold even in July. There are white pines, long pines and Aspen at the edge of the campground. Pine straw everywhere. A great place to build villages and roads and fairy houses.

GK had tired of our "play", taken her baby doll and made her way to a stand of Aspen trees to play alone. We watched as she settled herself into a trees and started pretending. Talking away, as she is apt to do. Then we watched as she took Aspen leaves and her shoe strings, which she had removed from her shoes and bandaged up the tree. When asked why she was doing that, she said some "gimme" human had carved into the tree and she had to try to make it better. She apologized to and soothed the tree, like a mother would to a child. All the while, little tears are running down her sweet pink cheeks.

By the way, a little side note here. A few years later on a car trip to the same area, she asked if we could stop and see the "hurt tree". We did go to the same place. It was a mistake. The trees were gone, a big house stood where the campground had been and trust me when I tell you that GK was.....angry. We got a universe lecture all the way home. She does that too. Spew. Wonder where she got that????? Don't look at me, tee hee. When it matters she spews.

Needless to say, this old soul, deep thinker touched us in a way that was so profound. We never go anywhere, that she doesn't stop to pick up trash or make an effort to comfort flora, fauna or folk. The ever clucking mother hen of life.

This lovely kind, gentle hearted granddaughter of ours is a treasure, not only to us but others as well. I call GK, "Gem Kid" because she is and I have a sneaking feeling that she will have a farther reaching impact with her deeds than I can even imagine. Not that I have an opinion or am proud or anything. She is just a caring, loving earthling who happens to cluck over the earth.

Wanna be one of her chicks? I am.


  1. Your GK reminds me so much of myself when I was a kid, the bandaging of trees in particular. I wanted (and still do) to heal every thing someone did to hurt the forests and the oceans. I still can't read the 'Giving Tree' without welling up. 'The Lorax' is another one that rends my heart.

    A very happy Earth Day to you, your family and your loving tree friend. She'll soar high and help many, I can just tell. :)

  2. i can't wait to have grandchildren. i just can't convince either of my kids! that is so cool that you used my rub! i love that stuff and i am glad you did too!

  3. She's an old soul. I have tried to teach my g'kids love and respect for nature before they could talk or walk.

    And I remember the day I asked my own son to cut down a tree for me because it was too close to the house and I had let it grow. He did it for me but not before I got one of my own lectures back.

  4. I am so proud of your GK too. It is a rarity in most people young or old these days. (((HUGS)))

    Keeps doing a great job to you and your daughter for raising the kiddos right.


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