Tuesday, April 20, 2010

There's so much to celebrate...............la, la, la, la, la

When I get to this time of year, I start freaking out. It's like time has taking to going by quicker.

Birthdays past, yay.

Income Tax, check.

Register kids for camp, swim lessons, activities, to do.

May day baskets, almost done.

Fairy Tree up by Beltane stays up until Summer Solstice, by this Thursday people.

GK's birthday presents to finish and wrap, to do.

Cinco de Mayo, celebrate darn ya.

End of school, let's party, oh heck, I guess so.

Have a life, do my arting, catch a break, sneak a nap, plant some plants, enjoy the lilacs, watch the turtles, in process (and you all know what that means) tee hee.

And finally on my list is cause hate and discontent to those that deserve it. And now there is proof positive that you are reading this and know who you are. Suggestion would be, if you don't want to be insulted, don't read my blog.

Heap loads of love and much respect to those that deserve it and that would be everyone of my lovelies.

Counsel no one, listen intently and enjoy the moment. BREATHE


  1. goodness woman... you are a busy bee....

  2. ~look at you go little lady...can you pass some of that spunk my way! l♥ve this post...and your turtles...oh so jealous...they are so cute...happy to hear life is going so nicely for you...keep savoring the days...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  3. I've just caught up on your posts. My holiday is cutting into my blog reading. I also love Lilac, I just have one in my yard, I am so so impressed that you have the turtles and I think Ry is great I live hearing about his life.

  4. Linda some of your optimism could be used here, send it up would ya? Love that you are feeling a little more spunk.

  5. Time doesn't start speeding up for me til June.

  6. Sounds like you're busy...lucky gal!! You're busy sounds like mucho fun. Have a good one and sending many "snits" to those who have been nasty to you.

    Love ya, B&G,

  7. Hi Linda! You are one busy lady, as usual. Are we ever going to get to slow down and relax?? I need a boost - send me some of that pep you found!!
    ♥ audrey

  8. "sneak a nap" ?? you slacker...

  9. Hehe I love the little dig at you know who. This is why I love you Linda :)


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