Friday, April 9, 2010

Two more places to play....

As though any of us had more time to browse and gleen, but ain't it fun? Yesterday, I introduced you to a sweetheart of an artist and designer who gives freely and happily. Today I'd like to introduce you to another two "arty" places where you can join in the fun and share info and show off your work and feel "ta home".

I am in no way trying to be a proveyor of all things informational. That ain't my style ya'll, but I do like to pass along info if I think it is pertinent to what I do and enjoy. If ya love it okee dokee, if ya don't, then more's the pity.

First is Pagan Artists  I am proud to say that we are a mixed bag of tricks. With photography, mixed media, sculpture, painting, sketching, and more. We share our work, our thoughts and our talents. And we are brand spanking new. Nice people with open minds and open hearts who are talented and warm. Check us out.

Second is someplace, all of you wiser and wonderfuller artists than my self, probably already know about and that is Milliande Art Community There are about a million different folks on this site sharing info, clip art, ideas, doing trades and challenges. You can be as quiet as a mouse and just look or you can jump into the deep end of the pool and swim with the big fishes. It is very informative and interesting.

Have a creative day, one that when you look back you can say, Wow, who the hell made this mess and when is the maid arriving to clean it up?'