Sunday, May 16, 2010

Baby turtles....the cutest critters on the planet

The grands, Sweet Man and I were working in the back yard yesterday. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. Sunshine, light wind (not the 65 mph gusts we have been having for the past 5 days), and doing stuff together is just the best.

Ry was helping SM reseed some areas of the lawn, after SM and GK had mowed. GK was helping me with a project I have put off for far too long. The southern side yard is always a mess. My Dad had concrete poured (very badly) some years ago. It's all bumpy and a real eye sore. Seeing that we can't afford to redo it right now, and that is where the turtles like to hang out part of the day for their sun siestas, I thought some yellow hummingbird vines to attract bugs for turtles would be a good idea and also because the hummrs love the blossums. There are 3 semi circles of soul next to the fence where lilac bushes used to grow. GK and I were cleaning out the weeds and leaves. I was turning the soil over and there they were......three baby turtles. They were still dirt encrusted and had bits of shell on them. Having never seen the light of day, until we disturbed them.

My estimate would be that they hatched last Sept, Oct and overwintered in the same location where the mother turtle laid the eggs probably last May or June. So these are yearlings. I say that because they have no egg sac remaining on their bellies. That's what they would have lived on until they came out of the ground, if I hadn't have interferred with nature's plan.

We will only keep them in until this afternoon. Then we will put them out in the violet garden where there are lots of bugs for them to dine on. The less we handle them the better off they are, so these pictures will be the last ones taken of this little clutch of turtles. Hopefully next year, I will find them again out stomping around with the big ones.

GereaKaye named them tweedle dum, tweedle dee and tweedle do. They are so beautiful and delicate. I know others don't see the beauty in them but the intricacies of the patterns in their shells, all different from one another, tiny see through egg beaks and toenails, gorgeous tee tiny eyes that watch and react........Gaia is so gracious to share the wonder of all creation. I am always so humbled by the grace and depth of nature.

Baby Turtle Blessings to each of you.


  1. ~they are soooo adorable...could you please send one my way! i would l♥ve to have a wee baby here!! thank you for sharing her precious gifts with blessed you are~

  2. They are really adorable, any baby animal is beautiful in my sight.
    I put your giveaway on my blog today.

  3. Oh so wonderful. Yay for baby turtles.

  4. You are so lucky to be that close to their beauty.

  5. I love turtles and they are so precious. Had some friends who also had many of them in their backyard and loved to see the babies out there especially when they put on the sprinklers...really cut parade of turtles...hey that gives me an idea!!

    Anyway, enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Today we're just going to take it easy...having menudo for brunch and beef ribs for dinner...nothing in between!! LOL And I wonder why I can't lose weight???

    Love ya mucho,

  6. They are so cute...and tiny.

  7. Oh, send me one too. They are beautiful creatures. Where can I find a turtle?? Have a great week and how generous of you to provide living space for them. Tee Hee.

  8. Aawww... Such cuties!! Love baby turtles!! Hope you're having a lovely Sunday, linda.

    Kisses from us.

  9. They are beautiful! I've always loved baby turtles and these ones are so, so tiny that it magnifies their cute powers by about 100!

  10. "Tweedle do" - heehee I love it. They are gorgeous - I would love to have a backyard full of turtles.

    Is it hard to mow with them back there I wonder?

  11. I rescued a baby sea turtle that hadn't made it to the water at Myrtle Beach one year. He was upside down and I assumed a hawk or seagull had dropped him. I know I was supposed to let nature take its course, but I had to carry him to the surf to give him a second chance. Then I walked away so I wouldn't be tempted to do more if he didn't try to swim. That's my turtle experience.

  12. Your babies are just adorable...need to keep an eye open for the new babies at the lake here also...


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