Thursday, May 6, 2010

GK birthday update...................

Well that's done for another year. The hoopla of it all. The cake was adorable. The presents were wonderful. The party was a great success and I went to bed early.

GereaKaye left a note in the comments in yesterday's post for all of you who sent her wishes. Just had to do it, says she. So now I will just post pictures and let them speak for me.


  1. Wow, that cake is awesome. I think I'll add it to my list of demands for my birthday next year. The last picture is hilarious!

    and... heh, hehehehe... she called you 'THE old bagg.' There can be only one. :)

  2. GK is as cute as can be and from the post she made she has a great sense of humor, kind of like her Oma.

  3. Love it, love it love it! What a perfect princess with the lil' bit of Goth [the cupcake cake is so tight! and in pink, perfect]

    Looks like a lot of fun stuff! I want to come play too. [Makes me want my birthday tomorrow :D]

    Glad you had a great day. Hugs!

  4. I can see her on the stage. what expression. I especially loved the last photo.

  5. Love that kid's expression..saying "MINE!!" Just love it. When my little brother was about 2, his big thing was, "!No, mio!" We weren't allowed to speak to him in English...some great idea my parents had since their other 3 kids were "pochos." Well yea, duh!! So we had to "speakie da Spanich" to him and now he's 47 years old and can't speak a lick of Spanish nor understand it!!
    So much for that experiment!! LOL

    Have a great one and I just love that cake...I want one!!!

    LOve ya mucho,

  6. Oh, I'm late... but can I say Happy Birthday now!?
    The cake is absolutely one of the greatest and coolest cakes that I ever have seen! I hope you all had a very nice day!
    With Love


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