Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Cinco de Mayo

We have a friend who was born in Mexico City, a million years ago. Oh Juan did I say that out loud? Why yes hijita you did, and now you can't have my tequila bottle collection and no more sharing of "real" margaritas tambien.

Oh he is so old, he'll forget....or not.

Anyway, several years ago when we were younger puppies, we had a BBQ in the backyard and invited Juan and his gorgeous (younger) wife Stella to come and help us celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Juan was confused when he got here. I mean I decorated with all the tacky red, white and green stuff I could find. I had sarapes, big straw hats, confetti eggs, woulda thought it was San Antonio in April.

Why would I be celebrating such a (his words not mine) insignificant holiday that hardly anyone in Mexico even paid attention to.? His lecture went on to tell me that this date was just a little victory for the Mexican people.....but the 16th of September, now that was a day to.....I think I fell asleep about then because well....I still celebrate Cinco de Mayo and don't celebrate in September.

Mexico is such a huge country and there are so many ethnicities that make up the population. Mexico is not just made up of one group, but many ethnic backgrounds, just like the USA. Sorta like saying hey how come folks in SC celebrate Okrafest, folks in CO celebrate Octoberfest and NM celebrate balloons and green chile? I didn't want you to think I was making a statement about Cinco de Mayo. Besides Juan is of European ancestery, not indigenous ancestry so his take on things is different.

Okay so in the ensuing years, I have found that like St. Patrick's Day, we Americans have gotten ahold of someone else's holiday such as Cinco de Mayo and made it a day to Partee. I don't know about you but okay.  and.  really?

May the 5th is a day to celebrate. It is my GereaKaye's birthday and today she is a double digit. And yes, "I am feeling different", she indicated this morning prior to leaving single digit status and prissing out the front door. As I have said so many times before, she cracks me up.

Happy Birthday to the sweetest and funniest and wisest (why I oughta, yuk, yuk, yuk) double digit granddaughter in the world. Love you GK.


  1. Yes, ironically I read that the holiday is celebrated more here than in Mexico. We have a parade every year.

  2. Yes, I was reading that we celebrate it here in the states more than they do in Mexico. Each year we have a wonderful parade that passes by my house. It would be a great night for some Mexican food.

  3. Hi Linda, Happy Birthday to your GD. May she be very happy in her double digits. Time goes by so fast. We (hubby and I) don't really celebrate the cinco de mayo. I just think of it as another day, I mean you are right about September, still though I just think of carnitas and margaritas and tortillitas. Tee Hee. Take care and Happy Birthday to the birthday girl.

  4. Happy Birthday to the double digiter with the PRETTIEST name! I hope she has a wonderful day :D [of course she will - she is with her Grandma YAY!]

    As for Cinco de Mayo - not a big deal here in Northern VA among our immigrant population that I can tell - but there are parties and specials at local bars for whatever reason -weird - guess it is similar to St. Pat's. We are having BLTs - but tacos sounds gooood too.

  5. Happy birthday to GK! I hope that she has a beautiful birthday, filled with all sorts of sweets and fun and lets her wise old soul rest for a bit. *hugs all around*

  6. Happy Cinco De Mayo and a very HAPPY BRITHDAY to GK. Is that a real cake? Amazing.

  7. Yeah, funny that. We love to celebrate holidays that have no meaning to us. What's up with that? She says after downing a very strong margarita in honor of the day.

  8. ~bright belated birthday wishes for your grand! may she continue always to grow sweeter funnier and wiser with each passing day...may her days be filled with great l♥ve overflowing into joyful moments...happy birthday GK...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  9. Thank you for all of your warm comments. It is hard being double digits, just in one day. Wow, I'm getting old. (Tee hee),GK
    We appreciate your love as always, me the old bagge

  10. My family never celebrated Cinco de Mayo biggie, but hey, it's a good enough reason to have a party!!

    Well, GK is just day younger than my Sean. His was the 4th. The person with no name "allowed" me to speak with him and wish him a happy birthday. Going to send him a book on Greek mythology....his new interest, and a poster of Iron Man 2 with stickers to share with his brothers!!! yea right!!

    Have a great week and take care.

    Love ya mucho,


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