Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Woman's Day ya'll from your renegade Olde Bagge bloggie friend

For all of you lovelies, Happy Mother's Day.

I had a co worker once when I was in youth ministries that just hated Mother's day. Her mother had passed away, she was a single mom of two girls and had neither anyone to give to or get from on Mother's Day. Hated it when in church, they would ask the oldest mom, the youngest mom, and the mom with most children (ouch many times) to stand and be recognized. She was none of the above, no one helped her girls buy her a thing, she missed her mom and that was how she felt. I always felt nauseated by her self pity but that's just me. It was as though a right had been violated somehow and she was due something.

I have friend who is a single woman, never been married, in her eighties and lost her mom 30 years ago and refuses to go to church on Mothers Day for the similar reasons. I have now for the past 22 years made her my surrogate mom, celebrate on the next Sunday and we call it by a different name (you say tomato and I say tomatoe).....

Here's how I feel about it. Thanks Hallmark for letting us make you more money.

Now I would like to propose that we call it Woman's Day and then see how much more inclusive that is and what a huge party we could make outta that one. There would be such pandamonium and celebration because we are "the ones who must be adored".

Cuz remember there are mothers and then there are muthers.

So my lovely friends, Happy Woman's Day, enjoy that special something we posess, share and need to celebrate. So to life, as a woman. Cheers, bottoms up and carry on ladies.