Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Mother's Day present revelled

Gerea Kaye and I worked on her Mom's Mother's Day present week before last week. We should have been doing that project that was due on Monday but well, you remember, I got the dates confused.

And in all the emo of the moments I never did post the pictures of what she gave to her Mom.

This is GK's Mother Goddess doll. It is made from hand painted silk, fiber yarn, sequins, plastic sparklies and the face was drawn on watercolor paper and then plasticized. I sewed the doll on the machine and the rest was done by GK.

This post is one of those better late than never ones.
I love that I have a granddaughter that loves to create and is willing to try just about anything in the way of arts and or crafts.


  1. That's really nice...very creative.

  2. Very cool. Mom must have been thrilled to get it.

  3. How fun, I love creating with my grandchildren. I bet her mom was thrilled and will treasure her doll forever.

  4. It ended up so lovely! I bet her mommy loved her Goddess! I bet her mommy loved her Goddess, everything made with love by our kids melts our hearts! You're such a wonderful grandma for helping GK with this. This is something she will never forget. I know becaue I remember all the sweet things I made with mine! :o)

    Kisses and love from us.

  5. The goddess doll turned out great -- I bet it was the most favorite Mother's Day present ever!!! :)

    -- Birgit


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