Friday, May 14, 2010

No good will come of this...................

At age 9, I was a bit of a tomboy. I would much rather climb a tree or grub for worms than dress in frillies but my Mom had other thoughts on the subject, probably because she too had been a tom boy when she was young and thought it had not helped her any. As I got older I wondered any what?

Anyway, I loved the out of doors, animals (especially toads, worms and all manner of crawly things), exploring (being nosy and going for it), creating, (messes mostly, involving copious amounts of mud), and showing off. The boys next door were my inspiration, and irritation all of June. Mom worked full time at the bank downtown, Dad was in drygood sales and I was on my own most of the time. Lots of wiggle room for making, thinking of and getting in, some trouble.

On June 30th, I remember the date because I was so excited that my parents were taking us to Las Vegas, New Mexico for the Cowboy Rough Rider Days roundup on July 4th. I was preparing for the trip by pretending how to rope the dog, an unfortunate cocker spaniel named Lady and at one point actually had her hog tied. Of course I let her go when she got upset. But it sure was fun trying to be a cowgirl even if it was in the enclosure of an urban backyard. I also took my Dad's fountain permanent pen ink bottle and made good use of a cotton ball as a brand and left a blue brand of no discernable form on the blonde cockers hind quarter.

I had been warned not to get the boys next door involved in any trouble because Freddy's mother had complained to my Mom about how the boys always came home dirty after a morning spent in our backyard and she was a fussy housekeeper. So fussy in fact that the boys, Freddy and his cousin Warren the wimp, had to take off their shoes, socks, and clothes at the back door every time they went in the house. No wonder they took bathroom breaks in the garden. So when I insisted that we play "cowboy" and they could be the cattle....well they balked. I pressed on, not that I was pushy or anything and yeah that hasn't changed in all these years hence. I got Warren down on the ground and proceeded to hog tie his feet and arms....but at nine I was neither fast, nor accurate with knots and he got away. When I got up.....well I guess the boys had just had it with my being "in charge" and they took me to the weeping willow tree in the center of the yard.

They then proceeded to lash me to the tree. I thought it was a great game and even helped them. That is until they had tied the last knot and walked out of the backyard. At first, I thought they were just joking. Then I thought they were waiting for awhile or maybe had made the trip inside to go to the bathroom. I mean that always took awhile with the undressing and dressing again. So I didn't panic until my arm went to sleep from the rope and I was getting tired of being a captive of the tree.

I hollered for them but nothing. Then I really started hollering, because I could not untie the knots or get loose. That's when the panic set in. What if I was there all day and no one came home until my tired little body was shriveled up from the hot summer sun and I died? Melodrama is one's best friend when panicked. I screamed for the other next door neighbor, Mr. Valdez. I screamed for anyone who could hear me.

Back then, we were not required to gift wrap garbage like we do now. We also did not have to take it to the street but rather, the garbage man came to where the cans were. Luckily, ours were in the side yard with only a gate separating me from rescue. And there he was my knight in filthy overalls, big ole cowboy hat and a grin from ear to ear. "Looks like you need some help, little lady", says this darling of the trash truck. He untied the knots and I have never been so happy to see anyone in the refuse business in my life. Nice man, great rescue, bad boys, bad little girl......didn't tell my parents, spent most of the summer playing dolls in the house.

My Mom had no idea how I could go from being a backyardigan into an inside and quiet player but I did and she was very happy that I shaped up. Yeah until I was 10.


  1. LOL ...what a story... so funny...

  2. You and I had a lot in common when we were growing up. I was a bit of a tomboy, too, and enjoyed digging roads to play with my cars. Then, I also loved my paperdolls...had a collection I think was bigger than any other in the state of New Jersey.

  3. LOL - thanks for the story, it was rather amusing. Reminded me of the time my sisters hogtied me and tickled me until I wet myself, I was the youngest and always got ganged up on it seems.

  4. LOL - That was quite an amusing story, thank you. It reminded me of the time my sister's hogtied me and tickled me until I wet myself. I was the youngest and seemed to always get ganged up on.

  5. I bet they still laugh. Remember the time, we...

  6. Linda, I did not know you had this blog, I am a new follower. very interesting story....those bad little boys. lol.take care my friend. glad you are well.

  7. What a great story. I was also a tomboy, would rather play with the boys. We lived in a very wooded area and we roamed it unrestrained. I was pretty good at beating the boys in games too. One day my mother told me I should let the boys win. I thought that was the dumbest thing I had ever heard.

  8. What happened when you were ten?
    Oh my god what a cliffhanger!
    I have changed the rules in the competition of The Vintage Fairy Tales next top models......after special requests!
    You have to go back and check again!
    Love Love Love

  9. lol oh you cracked me up and I so smiled because oh how we would've had fun together as kids !
    my mum used to dig me a little fire pit in the center of the garden each fall and I'd fry crackers in butter and I loved to go garden raiding too . I mean we really only got a pathetic cumcumber or a carrot here and there but it was the trill ! sneaking into gardens and I'm sure all the adults saw us lol
    Thanks to You too for following my bloggy blog .
    I love NM !

  10. Haha! You little heathen, you! Lovely story...made me smile in the middle of a week from hades. xoxo, Misty


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