Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On with the show.....

Bossy, yeah that's a term I've had applied to me a couple (thousands) of times in my life. I prefer attitude refocuser. Okay so I'm a bossy broad, born and reared.

Some of you asked, after my 9 year old, tied to a tree story....what happened at 10. So you asked and I share oblige your curiosity. Not spectacular but rather character building and you'll have to judge whose and what.

I have always loved to sing and dance. Mom enrolled me in dance classes at age 4 and thus began my love of theatrics. My Dad played the piano. He could not read music but could hear a song a couple of times and just sit down and pick it out on the keyboard. So I was also given piano lessons, in the hope that I would be able to read music and carry on the piano legacy. Lessons began when I was 6. But never mind about the 9 years of lessons and me hating it.

When my Dad played, I was expected to sing for our company. You know that's what we did in the olden days. My standard fare was "I Wonder Whose Kissing Her Now", "Mona Lisa", How Much is that Doggie in the Window?" and "El Rancho Grande". I really didn't know what the words meant, just learned them to go with the melody. My Dad didn't want me speaking Spanish. No, I don't get it either but lots of folks my age didn't learn Spanish at home but in school. But that's a whole nother thang.

When company came over, you offered them some kind of refreshment and then entertained them and then visited. (That's where my Mom's phrase, Don't eat that, we're keeping them for company, came from). Kids were expected to "do" something. I always obliged with a happy heart. Also keep in mind that I watched the Little Rascals and so had some idea how to "put on a show". Me and Darla, yep twins separated at birth.

Anyway, my parents went to New Orleans on a vacation and left me with my favorite aunt and uncle, who did not have any children. They let me do for myself and I did, pretty much. I planned a show for my parents homecoming and included the neighborhood kids to sing, dance, yodel, play the clarinet (poor little Danny) and then the big finale. My aunt and uncle just nodded and kept reading the paper when I told them of my plan. So I thought I had their permission and went on with the show.

Day of the show, everyone is in place, stage is set....yes I did say stage. The one I built on top of the hardwood floors in the den and attached the thing to the floor. Also hung a curtain from one side of the room to the other, with blanket curtains just like on the Little Rascals, which collapsed and took wallboard with it when it came crashing down. Needless to say....my parents didn't go on vacation without me or without other folks to take care of me again. I mean gee whiz Spanky.

Now you're sitting there thinking...didn't she know better, where were the aunt and uncle, how is she still alive, why would she tell on herself like this? Because I grew up to let other children do the "big show" safely and had fun doing it. Because sometimes the naughtiest thing in a child's life is the thing that gives them definition and purpose......."I will never forget what it is like to be a kid", quote from Linda Sybil in the Summer of 1961.  TA DAH, with raised arms and a flourish of TA DAH.


  1. would have loved to see that.... remind me not to leave you unattended....

  2. Did the show still go on? Inquiring minds need to know!

    I would have loved to have seen the stage and the looks on your parents faces.

  3. We used to have little theatre, but nothing as elaborate as yours. I also took piano lessons for 3 years...never graduated from the first grade books...ok, no talent, hell-oooo, but my mother still insisted...hated every second of it and then had to endure, "You're nothing like Leticia (older sister)!" from my piano teacher. Yea, got the same smack from the nuns in our school..."fools, I'm not Leticia and I will never be Leticia...I'm the one with the personality!!" Please forgive me for the little side of rant!!

    In our home we were very much encouraged to speak Spanish...encouraged hell, we had to speak it, especially when my grandparents would come over. During family dinners, my grandfather would call us all a bunch of "pochos," which we were and proud of it I might add. Actually, that was his way of shutting up the youngsters and allow the adults to speak ...it worked! Also, when company came over, we were obliged to come in, say our hellos, even kiss complete strangers then leave and be quiet. I suppose my rearing was much more formal and structured...that sucked!! But at least we didn't have to sit and listen to all that grownup blah, blah. We could return to the comforts of our bedrooms and do whatever, burn the bathroom down with my chemistry set, grab a guppy from the aquarium and open it up to see how it breathed...ya know, kid stuff!!

    As for my second language, I am a Pocha and will always be one...I find English easier anyway!! LOL

    Love ya mucho,

  4. Hey Janie, I'm much better now....sometimes.
    Danni: My little cupcake...the show of my bottom and a hand picked willow switch but no singing and dancing.
    G: Leticia???????who. You da one

  5. My daughter was very much the show person also...we had many a good show from her when she was very young and then suddenly they stopped and she became shy...still miss those shows...

  6. Oh gosh, I had piano lessons, too, and truly hated the practicing when all my friends were outdoors playing...so I took to jumping from the piano keys to my bed...and you guessed it, eventually broke the piano...something I regret today when I hear people play beautiful music.

    How well I remember Little Rascals. They don't make shows like that anymore.

  7. Only you!

    As for switches - on our first snow one year I made my Dad his very own snowman all by myself [big deal for me, I think I was 6 or 7] and I picked two branches off the forsythia bush [switch bush]for the arms of the snowman.

    vert word: Jokets: Very short jokes. Example: "Knock Knock." heehee

    My Dad came home and was so mad at me for killing the bush by breaking off two branches [I didn't kill it/overreact much Dad?] he punished me for it and never even said anything about the snowman.

    Never bothered him to break off the branches of my grandmother's bush to threaten us with tho'. Heehee. He was a good guy - just a bit overstressed.

  8. Would have loved to be in the audience. My kids put on shows for us when they were small but with 4 kids we didn't need neighbors.


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