Monday, May 24, 2010

Only 5 days left until............

Full blown insanity will reign in every corner of my mind and in this house. I can hardly wait.

A week ago yesterday, Shel brought a fort that belonged to the kids before they made the move to South Carolina to our backyard. When she left here, she had given the fort to friends. So now this 6' tall by 10' long by 4' wide climbing thing with slide, crawling space below, 2 towers (with skylights) above connected by a bridge, made of rugged plastic, is here. All week long I tried to convince Ry that he should go out and play on it. All week long, either bugs or turtles, or wind or spiders or too hot, too something kept him from playing on it. So on Saturday after we had finished chores, okay they had finished chores, we sat on the back porch swing to enjoy a cold drink.

I asked the kids if they thought maybe it was gonna work out for them to have this "thing" in the backyard. Because if they didn't want it where it was, we could move it to the side yard and free up the grass space where the fort was located. No, say GK it was great where it was cuz we could watch them play. Ry was noticeably silent. I asked him do you like the fort? Yeah, but not convincingly spoken.
Well then go play on it, said Papa.
No, there are spiders on it.
Well, brush them away.
I can't they'll hurt me.
Nah, they are just little spiders who eat bugs not little boys.
But I am afraid.
Well, let's fix that then.
You can't fix afraid.
Sure you can. You just have to look it in the eyes and scare it back.

Can you tell Sweet Man is the oldest of 8 kids? Knows enough child psychology to enable this little boy to find his real boyness..........? Yeah, me too.

In less than an hour, Ry had taken his very own spider sweeping broom, cleaned the fort, gotten up on the roof of the fort (with encouragement from both of us and his Sis) and was jumping off the bridge of the fort (about 4 ft off the ground) and loving it. When Mom got home he was so proud of his accomplishment. Had to show Mom how brave and strong and capable he is.

Somewhere, some time in his young life, he was diminished by someone else who valued hystrerical phobia over fun. But with the help of a very pushy set of grandparents who want him to find the "real boy" inside of himself, this summer will be one of freedom and growth.

Can I go spider clean the fort before I go to school so it will be ready for me when I get home today Oma?
Yes, Ry and you can slay all the invisible dragons on the way back in the house too.

Yep only 5 days and we'll start a summer I know we will all remember fondly.


  1. Linda how wonderful, GK and Ry are both fortunate children to have you and SM as grandparents.

  2. Great story, someone knows how to handle boys right! Quite the successful strategy.

  3. Seconded!

    What a sweet face your big, strong, brave grandson has! You must be so proud of him. I wish I had someone here who would slay my spiders [and dragons] for me.

    I can't wait to see what the summer has in store for you all. Enjoy.

    PS - I always wanted one of those fort thingies when I was a kid and then when I had kids. Never got one, sigh...but I bet thy are FUN!

  4. Ha! Skippy Mom is still masquerading as Wallene! Hi Skippy! Ahem.

    How wonderful that your two grandkids have such a stable, loving place to be at this point in their lives. A place of imagination and fun, with a little responsibility thrown in. There are life lessons being learned, but in such a gentle loving way that they won't realize that until later.

    Good job, Oma and SM!

  5. Love this post Linda, Rye looks so happy, It sounds like they will have a fabulous time on it this summer. I am off to the farm on Thursday, so a little later than planned, but this way I had time to stop and have a visit. take care.

  6. That sounds like so much kids would go crazy for a fort!

  7. Hysterical parents are so hard on fun...


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