Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rotel Recipe Contest and yet another giveaway..... I use Rotel all the time and love to see what others are fixing with it. This contest is a goodie and so is the giveaway on Deep South Dish a case of Rotel and a super hot, hot, hot bowl to serve.....something hot and wonderful. Go on you know you wanna look at both places.

I will blog eventually but today is a lookie loo day for me, so hi, love you, I'll blather soon.


  1. Oh yes...many things to drool over! Toying with entering...we'll see how fast time goes between now and the deadline!

  2. ~i hope you have had a wonderful peaceful inspiring time browsing at all the endless possibilites that are out there...i thought your maid was from the same template! i am so excited to have come across them. i never thought i was a paper doll maker but i am l♥vin it!! wishing you a wonderful weekend...happy flower moon my dear...brightest blessings~


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