Monday, May 17, 2010

A Sunday swing..........

And I thought tree swings were benign. The grands spend hours swinging and jumping and hanging upside down and of course turning around until I feel like I should hurl. Well the tree swing had had enough of the fun and grabbed GereaKaye.

As she tells it she was "only" standing on the swing turning around and know the wind up spin.....when her arm got caught in the swing rope as she stepped back. She thought she had more room on the swing seat but NO. And gravity took care of the rest.

Ouch!!???? Her first really close call with "road rash" and knowing Danger Jane, it won't be her last.


  1. I still love getting on a swing...only I won't hang upside down or jump anymore.

  2. Swings are dangerous things but I still use to love them when I was little and I would also receive a few bruises from them.:(
    Lavender oil will heal that nasty graze.
    Thanks for your visit, Linda and for your kind words. I could not find your mention!
    Lovely to see you again though. I will also follow you here.:)
    Have a great week!

  3. Ouch! I had my share of these when I was a child, so this is not really going to be her last one! Kiss her arm for me, though! :o)

    Kisses and love from us.

  4. She gets the tough girl award, that looks like it smarts!

  5. Hugs for the girlie! Poor baby. I am sending my Mom kisses too! Give her our best.

  6. OUCH! It hurts to look at it. There always seems to be some kind of pain involved with FUN!! I hope it heals quickly for her.
    Sorry I have been away SO long. I still have this crappy bronchitis or whatever it is, but I am so tired of being sick I am going to pretend it is gone and get on with my life!!
    I looked back at some of what I missed on your blog. OMG, those baby turtles are SO SO SO cute!!!
    Now I must go comment for a chance on that wonderful "be kind" necklace!!!! And, I must post something on my blog or I will lose all my friends ):
    Happy Day, Linda!!!!
    ♥ audrey


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