Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Toothless part B

So many of you had lovely comments about Ry and the tooth fairy, thanks. We just love fairies and the tooth one is the easiest to spot.

Mommy and Sissy prevailed and got him to sit still long enough for Mom to hold onto his tooth and it just came out. His new teeth are already showing. He is of course a lisping fool and loving it. Playing it up would be more like it (at GK's bidding I might ad). She cracks me up. She tells me, "just look at our little boy Oma, he is growing up so fast". This from a soon to be 10 year old. (Her birthday is Cinco de Mayo and we plan to fiesta like nobody's bitness. Ole)

Of course she has been clucking over him since moment one. She is such a good big sister....er...most of the time. She loves and protects him like a momma teddy bear. And then occassionally tries to smother him with one. tee hee

Another pearl of child wisdom. Ry tells me, " Ya see Oma, I musta been brushing my teeth pretty good cuz, I got two dollars for the two teeth. Toby (a friend at school) only got a quarter for his. So can I skip brushing today?"

I have a quiz that you might want to check out. It is a test for Asperger's (the un diagnosis, diagnosis for Ry) for adults. http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/9.12/aqtest.html
It might give you an idea of behaviors and quirks and the amazing talents of adults with Aspergers. I got a 26 on the test. I thought the questions were confusing sort of but then there ya go....that's why I got a 26.

I hope you all have a soothing, peaceful, calm, enjoyable Tuesday....just keep in mind....I'm out there driving like I think I know what I am doing. It's my day to be a big kid.


  1. Cool plate that Ry's teeth are on. My grandkids would always try to sell me their teeth (I have a little jar with all my kids teeth in it...creepy, yeah, I know) when they realized I paid more than the tooth fairy.

  2. Hi Linda. I like your new profile picture. How cute they are with the teeth missing. you are such a wonderful Grandmother, I salute you. Hope you have a great Tuesday and rest of the week. Take care. ::hugs::

  3. ~happy big kid day...hope your out and about making the most of your time!! i scored a 16 on the test...i l♥ve the ruthy toothy pic and how sweet siblings CAN be when they want too...to cute they are...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  4. GK and my oldest grandson, Sean, were born just hours apart. I think his birthday is today, but the "princess" hasn't answered my text as to what time to call him...her only control. He too will turn 10!! I think it's today or maybe tomorrow...don't remember and I asked her to send me their birthdays...she was insulted that I didn't remember...I barely remember mine!!

    Anyway, give her a big birthday hug from me and tell Ry he's done good!! Will go to that site and test myself...been living with it for 24 years...Ian has too. Have fun today and take care.

    Love ya,

  5. It is amazing to me how the mind of a child works, wanting to skip brushing cause he did such a good job, who would have thought of that? I know, a kid!

  6. Ah big sisters.... got to love them... I can not wait to see Kylies hole in her mouth this weekend... I love toothless kids... they are just adorable


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