Thursday, May 6, 2010

What a delightful day......

Joe and I just got home from having an iced tea date with Linda and Denny of RV Vagabonds  It was so much fun to meet bloggy buddies face to face. I swear the time just zoomed past as the four of us shared stories. They both are the sweetest and most interesting people to talk to. Have been to all but 8 states in the 11 years they have been RVing full time and are gonna visit 5 more by the end of the summer. They are living a dream life. One that Sweet Man has been trying to talk me into for a number of years.....this visit may just have done the trick. Very interesting adventures out there and on the road.

I'm just tickled to have gotten a chance to visit with some really nice folks.
Even if they did take a picture of me with SM. And then Denny took a picture of Linda and me. I don't do pictures but it's their camera...probably won't work again after my picture.

Earlier today, I got an order of Dirty Dreaded Hippie in the mail from Wicked Soaps Misty is a marvel at mixing up the bestest scents and soaps. I would recommend her concoctions to one and all.

And in the same mail I got my Goddess painting from Danni of The Whimsical Cottage The one I was lucky enough to have won in her giveaway. This painting even has a small tortoise. I will post a photo of where the Goddess will be in permanent residence as soon as I can. Thank you Danni for your generousity and for sharing your talent with me and mine.

So all in all, I'd say I had a really delightful day, filled with wonderful happenings. I hope your day was a super one too.


  1. What a thrill that is. I've met so many people here in blogland that I would just love to meet.

  2. I am SO MAD at myself for missing your phonecall - we were outside planting flowers - I would've loved to been a little part of it - wish I had been there. Sounds wonderful.

    Can't wait to see the Goddess :D Sleep well. Love ya!

  3. How fun, it would be lovely indeed to meet some of the folks I have met online. One day you never know it just may happen.

  4. I'm glad she arrived and that you enjoyed your extras! I couldn't resist sending some paper goodies to another mixed media artist. :)

    As for the RV trips, that's what I plan to do when me and the husband get older. Sell all of our crap and go on a never ending road trip. I'm a wanderlusting gypsy at heart, so it's my heart's desire to seek adventure and new places. :)

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day!! Spending today making hu-eg blueberry muffins for my mom on Mother's Day. What to you give an 87 year old woman who has everything???? MUFFINS!!! Also, making my oatmeal bars for the M.D. luncheon at my brothers home up the road in Las Cruces and calavacita for a side!!

    Glad the swamp cooler is back in operating mode because turning on an oven in this heat with no cooler is not cool!! You know what I mean.

    Have a great weekend. Mother's Day will be bitter sweet, ok, bitter, but there's hope my oldest son might remember to call me. Will have my Ian with me, constant little man.

    Love ya mucho,

  6. ~a wonderful day...sound like great funa nd yes there are many i too hope to meet face to face one day! treats and traveling...hhhmmm...there is so so much to see and experience out parents sold most of their belongings including their home a few years ago and bought an rv...the traveled for about 2 years and are now back home...something i do hope one day to take advantage of! you never know where the road may lead you...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  7. My parents live in FL in their RV and love it. They even had two kitties and a dog in there up until last fall when the the old man (the dog) passed away. Now they just have the two cats.

    BTW, tell GK she has some more belated bday wishes from blog land. I hope she is enjoying being in the double digits.


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