Sunday, May 30, 2010


Not my cats but I thought the photo was cute.

I am so happy that all went well with the giveaway. It was such fun that I am planning one for Midsummer's Night June 20th. My whole family has enjoyed the fun of this giveaway. And all of you lovelies played so nice together, well all except a couple of my lovelies but then what's a little harassment among friends.

I went to the store last Friday. I know I can't believe it either, it wasn't Tuesday and I had the car. Iwas a lucky girl.

I purposefully went to stock up with all manner of fun stuff to keep the grands busy, occupied, happy, entertained, outta my hair, for at least a few minutes every day this summer. So we have: a new bubble machine and bubbles (a must for the bubble conniseurs in my life), wiggle sprinkler attachment, glow in the dark stars, new American flags for all the upcoming opportunities to show our patriotism (Memorial Day, Flag Day, Fourth of July), card games for hot afternoons, a multi pack of water guns, cotton balls for games & crafts (a note on that in a later post), chenille stems (same stuff), finger paints (yes I know I can make my own but really?) straws, more paper plates, cups and not to eat on but for CRAFTS.

We have planned (and that should last at least for the first week) to have 1 art project which will include naturecraft, 1 crafty do for tray favors for Meals on Wheels their service project pick (we need to provide 50 items every other week), 1 new main meal recipe cooking day, 1 goodie or snack recipe cooking day each week. Then every day we will read, have computer time, do a chore (they made their own jar) and they will have free time to do as they please............pray for me now.

Each week we will have the car and on that day we will go on a field trip....lots of possibilities, Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, museums, art galleries (they love that), Hispanic Cultural Center (lots of 1 day programs for kids), Harwood Art Center (also kid offerings), Main Library (for this we will ride a fast transit bus downtown) and the International Balloon Museum if the city government doesn't kick it to the curb. Also up the Tram which is the longest in the US and to a Buffalo farm on the edge of the city. I also am planning on lunches at places we have never been. This could be cool or a catastrophe but it is worth a shot to introduce them to new environments and cuisine. They are only out of school from May 28 until Aug. 18. Lots to do. 12 weeks, 12 destinations. And yes, I get that I have to watch and behave myself.

That does not include what Mom will be doing with and for them in the afternoons and evenings after work.

GK and I worked out the recipes that they will chose from, kinda surprised me with a few of her choices of new meals to try, great snack and treat choices. Since they moved in here, they eat so many more things than they did when they first came. I am very pleased with their flexibility.  She, Ry and I looked through my crafting books and have 12 projects of both the Naturecraft and thingies for MOW.

Whew, typing it made me tired. But it sounds like more than it is. I used to take 50-60 teenagers on 2 week long mission trips and all the planning in the world still leaves huge gaps in time. The grands will have lots of time to just be kids, cause that's what summer is all about. I just want to be well armed for the "I'm bored" thing that happens......and it will happen just as sure as the sun rises in the morning and I am old.

I saved the best for last. Once a week we will have a scavenger hunt walk in the neighborhood. But on our every evening walk, we will compile the "things" to find on a list. Shhhhhh, it's a secret, making sure not to let the other notice what's on our list. This is for me. We have to walk it in order to do it. That means I will have to be out and active in order to facilitate the hunt. I'm putting pressure on me so that I can get beyond this pain in my hips. It's a must do saw this coming, I know you opportunity.


  1. You're cool. I want you to be my Grandma [Oma] too. :D

    it really sounds like a lot of fun and educational too! Let me know if you need any donations - we have lotsa stuff.

  2. I've got all four of mine right now while their mom recuperates but I will also have them one at a time for a week each and they are already making lists of the things they want to do.

  3. Whew, girl, I'm just winded from reading your activities. Hey, I love that dino museum there too!! Haven't been there in years, since my kids were still "kids." I recall Ian, 3 at the time, just marveled at all the great automated dinos...kept him intrigued and motionless for a few minutes!!

    Just take care...remember, you're still a bit delicate around the lung area...don't try anything that's too demanding...relapses are worse!!

    Well, need to go and get ready for Miss Daisy...would you believe she wants to go out today to the mall...God help me!! I told her it was going to be a mess since it's Memorial Day (hint, hint, Mom...sweet man has the day off)but she didn't budge...oey vey.

    Love ya lots,

  4. just to give you a BIG hug!
    and thanks to stop by at my bloggy!

  5. That's a great kitty picture :) And also, me and the kids may just load up and come join you for the summer. You have so much more motivation than I do ;)


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