Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Do you remember reading Heidi as a child?

GereaKaye had an end of the year project. You remember, the one I forgot, or rather had the date due wrong. It was to display her favorite book and put the scenes in her own words. I must make a confession, we typed the scene explanations for her.

Well since we will be dis assembling it to move onward and upward for the summer, I thought I would take some pictures so you could see that once again the nut does not fall far from the tree. As I was taking pictures, I realized how many different techniques she had used.

Heidi's Grandfather walking in the mountains. (cotton batting wrapped armature and sewn felt clothes, torn paper collage mountains, recycled paper pulp in a cookie mold sun).

The soft rolls for the grandmother. Heidi put them in her apron pocket. Some idiot child stole and ate the roll, ick, blech. (baking, embroidery and cloth assemblage).

Clara's wheelchair is tossed over the cliff and she is forced to walk to see the flowers. (tissue paper flowers made I don't know how, GK made it up as she went along but check out the tiny ones, I swear she slays me).

Clara's Grandmother's hand giving Peter money to buy the penny whistle at the fair because he had been honest with her. (sculpture, I love this hand with the cute chubby fingers made of air dry clay and the penny whistle made from a straw and money buttons).

This is all placed on my painting lazy susan so that it would "display" well. Good job I'd say but then that would be bragging and I ain't dun that before, huh?


  1. How precious that is!!! I'm glad you showed it to us.

  2. What a wonderful display!!!

  3. Being well versed and familar with the school projects [I DREAM about dioramas from Sept until June, I swear] you must tell Miss GK that this is most awesome [seriously] and I love, love, love the use of the lazy susan.

    Does she mind if I borrow it for Wallene next year? [borrow the idea] It is so great.

    And I can't decide which one I like best - the hand, the apron pocket or the flowers - a LOT of talent GK! Nicely done.

    Word vert - Witsa - I witsa I was with y'all!

  4. WOW! very nice! i bet everybody at her school their eyes popped out, cuase it looks so gordious!
    (hope you understand my english) LOL!

  5. You don't need to brag, it is the truth! this is a wonderful, well thought out and executed piece of art! Delightful! Thanks for sharing.

  6. How creative. A lot of work went into this.

  7. Thanks Jan, Gail, Judy & Mary. It was nice of you to compliment GK.
    Donna, your Engish is just fine and always appreciated. If I had to answer you in your language.....well you would never understand me.
    Skippy, Honey, you can borrow anythang we got for you, Wallene, Pooldad....Linda, Denny, ya. And I wish you were close too. I'd come bug you and make you low salt goodies and torture your kids and hubby just because I could

  8. As the 'go to' person for projects in my family, I love this idea! so cool with the lazy susan.

  9. Wow, I'm impressed...what a great project!! GK is a chip off the ol' Oma's block!! LOL

    Have a good one and thank you of your support and prayers...this sucks, but this too shall pass...through my intestines and out!! hahahahaha!!

    Love ya mucho,

  10. This is a far cry from the old dioramas in a shoe box! Wonderful work, great imagination, creative use of materials--Wow!

    Of course it doesn't hurt to have a creative, imaginative oma for inspiration either. Love it.

    Hope you continue to feel better and better.

    word vert: pyoppa Seeing GK's project my eyes almost pyoppa out of my head.


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