Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gosh, I love June the twoth

This picture is courtesy of Bannerhaus, thanks Holly.

I had the best day yesterday and today looks pretty good too. The gkids and I accomplished so much. Our "field trip" to the library was wonderful, new library cards omg, mailed packages to my lovelies that won in my first giveaway (sorry the sicky didn't do it before now), tried a new restaurant (same old food for the Ry guy but that's to be expected at least he sat kinda still), when we got home we made Fire and Ice salad and Lemon Ice Box Pie. Then we spend a wonderful afternoon reading the half of the library we brought home. And the night before I went to watch GK in her new dance class. She is learning folklorico dancing (Mexican and South American folk dancing). I'll post pictures this week end....oh so cute.

I personally think this ought to be called Slap yo Oma salad cuz it's that good. Can I hear an Amen.

I am a bit of a pessimist at heart. Cups are usually full or empty, not half anything so don't ask. I have been known to be more like Eeyore than Winnie, although on occassion I have also been told I am full of Pooh.

In the back of my mind, I had a feeling that I was going to get lost in the maze of children, summer, lessons, plans, events......but so far so good but then it is only day 4. Tee Hee. Lots of wiggle room for drama and renting of clothing and gnashing of teeth. I am of course pulling your leg. Actually as Sweet Man will tell you, "damn Linda, did you take some hyperactivity pills"? It's been years since I've been this enthused and energized...even if I do limp and gimp on occassion.

I am surprised though that the atmosphere here is calm. All the things to be done, will be, if they are to be. You know Que sera, sera... whatever will be, will be.

I don't know if any of you remember on Saturday Night Live, back in the 90's there was the skit with the "counselor" and the theme was lowered expectations...... I can remember thinking (20 years ago) how can anyone skip over and not do it all? Well that was forty and this is sixty. Not that I don't care, not that I don't still have ambition, not that I don't want the very best for myself and others, I just have been around this block before and I am familiar with all the potholes, so to speak. Sometimes, in my life anyway, I know I have missed out on wonderful moments, opportunities or adventures because I was so linear about getting to the end of the race, not enjoying the race.

Sorta like being put off when standing in a line because "it's taking so long". I now see those as opportunities to do some "does your mother know you act like that'? moments and people watch.

I hope to make this the summer of pausing for the cause. The cause is because I said so, that works for let's see how everyone else adjusts. Ooops, did I say that?


  1. Yes, Linda, I can see you whirling around getting everything in place and everyone on the right track...

    that meal looks wonderful!!

    your summer is going to be great!!

  2. One of the greatest days of my life [and I still remember every moment] was the day after Pooldad called me and told me to quit my job. Keep in mind we were just dating - not married and I had my two and he had his two - and he was telling me he was willing to support all of us on one salary and I was to quit.

    I did. And I have never looked back. I remember that next day because we all went sooooo slow - we didn't have to cram in breakfast and get to daycare and I wasn't running errands on my lunch hour and I didn't have to rush them home and feed them and bath them to get them to bed at a certain hour because now we had no where to be. Ever. It was so nice.

    Life is certainly more hectic now that they are all older, but some are gone and that is easier - and I don't know how working mothers do it - I don't - but I wouldn't trade being home with them for anything - so much less stress - and if we wanted to hang out and make mud pies or throw rocks at a fence? So what. And I had the opportunity to homeschool two of the kids for a while [at different times] when they needed to be away from our public school system - so yeah - I get where you are coming from.

    Nice, isn't it?

    [And your salad - YES! NAME IT! We make the same salad, but ours is called "Sink Salad" and one day I will blog as to why it is called that. LOL and it has nothing to do with "having everything but the kitchen sink in it"]

    Love you sweetie - keep on having fun. Love to the kidlets.

    boidini [vert word] I had a couple of sons that were "boidinis" [I did good on this one, heehehe!]

  3. That salad looks so good...a great idea for lunch today. Loved hearing about your field trip. I sort of gave up watching Saturday Night Live by the 90's. When it first started showing I never missed it because many of the original stars used to put on little acts at Washington Square Park before they became stars.

  4. Oh yeah, I'm all for the meander and the dawdle.

  5. That looks like the best salad ever! You do seem as though you are very up and energetic, can you send some energy this way? I might be able to find some here if it would ever stop raining.

  6. AMEN!!!!! Wow, I guess it took a case of the lung chung to get you motivated or you just rested that much!! Yes, I remember Saturday Night Live and the Lowering your expectations skit....hilarious. I also remember the orginal SNL cast...remember the Belushi skit where he played some guy in Chicago, I think, who was famous for how he took orders for hamburgers, "Hamburger, hamburger, chee burger, chips no fries Pepsi, no Coke!!" The Bees, the Samurai, Rosana Dana Dannes, "Good evening, I'm Chevy Chase and you're not!" HOw about a little rendition of the Sock it to Me girl from that was a hoot of a show!!

    Don't worry about lost opportunities...the past stays in the past, just look how far you've come and don't worry too much about where your's an adventure and I still embarrass my mother...lots!! hehehehehe!!

    Love ya girl,

  7. that salad looks so good... will have to try it out... and lemon pie.. .my favorite.. but then any kind of pie is my favorite..... So glad to hear you are having a good summer so far... I found out yesterday that there is a chance I will not get my grands this summer for a visit... needless to say I am adjusting... :-(


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