Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I've been dissed.............

Once again, thanks for the well wishes on my dis ease, dis comfort and dis ability to play by the rules of the medical establishment. I will be going back to the doctor on Wednesday and see if the crude has been banished from my lungs.

Enough of that insanity, let's move on to some new insanity.

I need to share some of the new "sit down and behave myself" creations that have come. I've been visited by the inspiration fairy. She left some kick butt thoughts and plans to be done in the next week or so. I found both of these dress forms in the bargain section of my fav store and couldn't resist. They looked like they needed cheering up with some fluff and falderol. That's something like junk and stuff but sounds more high brow. The black one will hold the invitation to our Tea Party, the beige one I will put on my Etsy store. Doesn't it look like Cinderella ordered this especially for herself? I really love both of these. Great fun.

A Fanciful Twist's Mad Hatter Tea Party is coming up soon, summer solstice and all that entails is only 19 days away. I am so looking forward to taking advantage of one to fuel the other. The way I see it, I can decorate the back porch, with assistance, for Litha (summer solstice 6/20) and have it available and take pictures for the Tea Party. Two birdies, one camera. I am hoping I will have a new camera by the middle of this next week, cuz the old one is barely spitting out useable photos. 


  1. Oh, oh ohhh! Where on earth did you find those? I NEED one! They're beyond charming!

    I'm glad you're starting to come around a bit and have been keeping yourself busy. I'm working on tea party preparations. I don't have nearly the amount or type of things I want to include in my decor, but I'm quickly running out of time and funds, so we'll see what I can scrape up around the house. I'm planning to shoot mine outside, but with the way the weather has been here lately, I may have to rethink that.

    I'm waiting for the guests of honor to cool off, as I've just pulled them from the oven. One has a horn and the other a mane, and that's all the hint you'll get. ;)

  2. I love the black. Hope you make out well with the doctor. Oh, by the way, I've been having some fun with little guy over here. He's too cute, and I give him a worm each time I come here.

  3. I can not wait to see the party.... you are surprising me all the time.... love the new inspiration....

  4. oooooh - those are gorgeous. Very inspired. I wish I had a place for the cream colored one. I love it. And the black is perfect for holding the invite - can't wait to see the pics.

    I love the idea of the tea party. :D Keep up the Kreativity! Love ya [and hoping you feel much better]

  5. Oh what great finds, they are charming. I have been out of town since last thursday and just returned home, hope you are feeling better now.

  6. fluff and falderal...junk and stuff. I like it.

    Wish I could come to your solstice party.

  7. I will visit you at your party. Did that last year and it was lots of fun, had no time this year. Love your stuff and love ya too.


  8. I would love to have the imagination to see a "thing" at a store and know that I could turn it into a wonderful decorative item. Kudos!

    word vert: shiols Shiols nice that you can create such beautiful things.


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