Thursday, June 10, 2010

A new giveaway for Summer Solstice at Lindaoma's (last day)

Well here we are on the last day to comment for the Summer Solstice necklace giveaway. I am very excited to see who the winners are this time. Thanks for your interest and for entering. You da bestest bloggie buddies ever.


  1. Back atcha' girlie! [Like the graphic - very funny!] Hope you have the most fabulous weekend. Love ya and see ya at the water. :D

  2. Hi, who would not want to enter? The prizes are wonderful.

  3. I can't believe it is the last day already. Time is sure zooming by. Thank you, Linda, for the chances to win one of these beautiful necklaces that you so lovingly made.
    Waiting eagerly to hear who the winners will be.....
    ♥ audrey

  4. I have not been too good at posting my commment on a daily basis... esp. since the prizes are so great... you are such a sweetie... see ya at the water tomorrow

  5. And my dear olde bagg, you are one of the best blog sister-friends this girl could ask for. :)

    Good luck to everyone who entered, although I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I win. ;)

  6. One has to get up pretty early to beat SkippyMom to the punch on commenting, especially when one is two hours behind in time zones. Curses, SkippyMom, foiled again!

    Anyway, Hi! Hope the temperatures have cooled a bit for you--our high should be all of 54 today and 46 tomorrow. Could you ship a few degrees of warmth our way? Please?

    word vert: arruetab. Arruetab ready for cooler days?

  7. ~sending luck out to all who have entered yet i too have my fingers crossed for such a magical treat! may our hands unite and feel the energy from all who gather tomorrow! much l♥ve and light always upon you and yours~

  8. the last day... and suddenly the sun is gonna shine uphere at 20.00 in the evening ;-) in this cold froggie land(thats what they call Holland cause its so cold mostly)
    Hope to win your beautiful fluorite necklace!whohohohoho!!! xoxoxoxoxo! Hugs Donna

  9. This is more fun than the lotto.

  10. Dear Linda the brooch has arrived and also the little Summer Solstice angel!
    I´m a very happy person and I love the beautiful things that you´ve and GK have sent me!
    I can feel your love so strong and it makes me more happy than you ever can imagine.THANK YOU!
    Pop over to The Vintage Fairy Tales and you will see something that symbolizes you!
    I hope that you will understand what I mean....
    On Monday my summer vacation starts and then I will pay a visit to the post office!
    Have a great weekend


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