Saturday, June 12, 2010

Okay fellow water healers................

This is the deal. What a fabulous experience. How empowering for all 5 of us. The two grands, my daughter and SM and me. Very woo woo as my Sweet Man calls it.

But I must tell you how cute the beginning was.

Shelley always takes the kids out on Saturday night to McDonald's to play and have an evening together. She reads while the kids play and have made some regular friends they see week after week. They usually make a whole evening of it and don't get home until bedtime. Tonight, I heard them at the door and then in comes GK in a move I can only describe as a cross between Mary Shannon's super star and Tom Cruise in Risky Business, with her arms raised, hands in the rock and roll forever thing and says....."it's time for ritual peoples". Cracked me up. Super star...............

We used the front patio tonight because the kiddie pools are blocking the area we normally use out back.

We used Gia's chant, with drum, rattle, bell and shaker. Ry got to ring the bell and of course that is his big deal. GK on drum, SM on rattle and Shel on shaker. We never have formal ritual but do cast a circle and call the spirits of the directions. By the time we had sang the chant and drummed and closed the circle, our neighbors across the street were pressed up against the windows. We waved and smiled and came inside.

After pj's were on, Ry turns to me and says..."now is they gonna fix it cuz we cast a good circle and felt the good water?" Good question little man. With all the good intentions in the world tonight....anything is possible and we are hopeful.


  1. Thank you for this. ~SkippyMom~

  2. Loved Ry's self-portrait. Interesting how sometimes grands make you feel ancient and other times they make you feel like a kid yourself.

    You certainly are creating wonderful memories for yours.

    word vert; hamsol. Some folks read "Hamsol and Gretel" to their grands while Oma Linda teaches about faeries.

  3. It will be wonderful if all things are fixed.

  4. I was left with nothing but hope and an interesting dream afterwards. Your ritual sounds perfect and fun, GK and Ry are definitely the cutest grands ever. :)

  5. Send me some of that water!!!


  6. What a great thing to do. You are making such great memories with your g/children. Have a great week.

  7. sounds wonderful :) i was special to have your family join too :) i went to the beach with friends the energy felt amazing x x x

  8. Sooo lovely, Linda! Ry is so special and sweet... You have the most amazing grandkids!

    I ws reading your comment on Danni's post, and I agree that this should be performed n a regular basis. I intend to do so at least once a week. Something simple like meditating over my caudlron full of water. But it will need more than once to be totaly healed. I'll post abou tit later.

    Kisses and lov from us.

  9. You know what, Linda? That big old tree is SO big and tall I never pay much attention to the top, so I don't know what kind of tree it is. I am always so mesmerized with the trunk, that is what I focus my attention on. I will have to check it out. I will have to put my head out the window in order to see the top. hahaha
    My bad - and to think I am a tree lover from way back....
    The water healing was a great experience. I think I might have to do it again and again and again. Even if they get this spill under control, there is still a LOT of damage to be undone.
    Thank you, Linda, for this new experience.
    ♥ audrey


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