Sunday, July 4, 2010

I may have made a big mistake that will cost me independence and freedom on today of all days

Okay so you all know, or maybe not, that I have a permanent marker tatoo on my forehead that reads "Patsy". Not my name but is who I are.

So I was minding my own bees wax, taking advantage of the day off from child care and husband watching cuz Joe has to work today and Shel's home with the kids, when the phone rings. I should have pretended like I wasn't home.....

My friend and fellow dog lover Verna called to make sure we were coming to her place tonight for the huge fireworks display, viewable FREE from her parking lot of her company. Yep, we'll be there and look forward to good eats, good conversation and sparklies in the sky. And then the hammer drops. Now Verna is a St. Bernard owner. Her puppies were my Murphy's, babies, or at least he acted like they were. The first time he saw the pups they hung on his tail and would not leave him alone. He loved going to Auntie Verna's to see the pups. When we got Willow, she and Murph both got a big kick out of the other giant dog visitations. When Murph was gone and then Ms. Willow this last March, Verna was the most understanding of friends and let me grieve and love on her dogs. I told her then......"no more, I can't stand the pain of their leaving before me". She has in the insuing months found me lots of "opportunities" to rescue dogs and find another soul mate furry baby and I have turned her down each time......until today.

The beastie was brought to Verna's shop by one of her employess who lives on the Navajo reservation west of Albuquerque. The man's wife said he had to take the dog to town and get rid of her. Verna will have over 100 people at her place tonight, so "Patsy" goes to take a look at the dog...yeah like I thought I would or could away without bringing the dog home. I was hooked at first glance. But SM made me promise that I wouldn't do this again, to him or myself. And here I have broken the promise, the kids are picking out names and I'm up doo doo creek without a paddle.

The only picture I have of "puppy with no name" is after her bath.....damn she's cute. She is about 4 months old, tiny, sweet, a little timid but once she adjusted to Odin and how blond and tall he was (that's my daughter's coyote infused Espanola dog) she is cruisin' like a doglet who knows she is gonna rule the roost. Of course she hasn't met the orange tailless cat from hell yet. She may want to go back to the diesel repair shop and be greasy again.

She is wire haired, beagly colored, pug back ended, with floppy ears and bounces when she propels herself forward. I think we will say that she is a full blooded wire haired adorable. Now we just have to hold the positive thought and hope that she will melt Joe's heart as quickly as she has mine, otherwise, I will be the worsest, meanest, saddest old broad on the block and in our house.